‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Will Reportedly Feature Boba Fett and Other Skywalker Saga Fan Favorites

The Mandalorian has proven to be a major success for the Star Wars franchise. Taking to Twitter, creator Jon Favreau confirmed that season 2 is officially in the works and will premiere sometime in late 2020. Details about the sophomore run are still limited, but sources claim that fans will be treated with appearances from some fan favorites, including a cameo by Boba Fett.

The Mandalorian season 2
The cast of ‘The Mandalorian’ | Daniel Boczarski/WireImage for Disney

Favreau announces season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’

The first season of The Mandalorian premiered in November of last year and coincided with the launch of Disney+. The series has been a major hit with fans, so it was not a huge shocker when Favreau announced plans to move forward with season 2.

On Twitter, Favreau wrote, “Season 2 of #TheMandalorian coming Fall 2020.”

Favreau did not elaborate on what’s ahead for the upcoming season, but sources say that some old fan favorites will be popping up. According to Deadline, this includes some characters that appeared in the Skywalker Saga, which opens the door for a Boba Fett cameo.

The Mandalorian features the likes of Pedro Pascal, Giancarlo Esposito, Gina Carano, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Julia Jones, Ming-Na Wen, and Nick Nolte.

The show is the first live-action series in the Star Wars franchise. Favreau, who worked on Iron Man and The Jungle Book, created the series and brought in director Dave Filoni for the pilot. As fans will recall, Filoni directed Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Will Boba Fett make an appearance?

The Mandalorian follows Pascal as a bounty hunter from the planet Mandalore. Bounty hunter Boba Fett also wears the armor of the planet Mandalore, though he’s not a true Mandalorian.

Ever since the launch of the new show, fans have been expecting Boba Fett to pop up at some point. After all, he was introduced into the Star Wars canon as a bounty hunter, just like Pascal’s character.

We first met Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back. He was killed off, however, in Return of the Jedi. It is unclear if Boba Fett is truly dead, as Star Wars has been known to resurrect characters from time to time (like Palpatine in Rise of Skywalker and Darth Maul in Solo).

The Mandalorian is set after the events in Return of the Jedi, so bringing Boba Fett back would be going against previous events.

What about ‘The Mandalorian’s’ Baby Yoda?

Part of the success of The Mandalorian was the surprise appearance of Baby Yoda. We still don’t know much about Baby Yoda’s past, but the season 1 finale teased that the next season will dive deeper into the character’s backstory.

If the story does go in that direction, then it makes sense that we’ll see more original characters making an appearance.

In fact, the appearance of Yoda is the strongest link between The Mandalorian and the rest of the Skywalker Saga. And we cannot wait to see who returns for a cameo.

Unfortunately, Favreau has not revealed its plans for the upcoming season, so we might have to wait until the season 2 premiere to find out more. Luckily, the show will be back by the end of the year, so the wait won’t be too long.

Taika Waititi teases Baby Yoda’s real name

In the opening episode of The Mandalorian, the main character finally stumbles upon the person he has been looking for this entire time. The only problem is that his target is Baby Yoda.

Not knowing what to call the little guy, fans quickly referred to him as Baby Yoda — and the nickname has stuck ever since (he is referred to as The Child on the show).

While fans are loving the name, Taika Waititi recently revealed that Baby Yoda has another name. During an appearance at the Golden Globes, the voice of IG-11 told fans that Favreau has named the character, though he refused to reveal it.

“He’s not named Baby Yoda!” he stated, adding that he will “wait for Favreau to give that away.”

There is no telling what Baby Yoda’s real name is, but he is definitely from the same species that the original Yoda hails. Hopefully, the new season will shed more light on that front.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in the fall of 2020.