‘The Mandalorian’: You’ve Seen Baby Yoda — Is Teenage Yoda Next?

Babies eventually become teenagers. And many parents would argue that some teenagers remain babies. But what if the baby in question is about 50 years old and is known as Baby Yoda? Will it still become a teenager then?

Maybe, maybe not. Intrepid Star Wars fans have brought Teenage Yoda to life, although this version of Yoda will probably not become reality for a variety of reasons, not least being the question of how well a Teen Yoda would sell.

What would Teen Yoda look and act like?

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni
Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni | The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

Baby Yoda came from The Mandalorian but became so popular that Disney would almost be justified in renaming the show Baby Yoda and his Bounty Hunter Daddy. Sure, the Mandalorian is cool and all, but he’s not cute.

Even when the Mandalorian’s real name was revealed to be Din Djarin, that didn’t register half as much as conversations about whether Baby Yoda is even a valid name for the character. 

Such is the hubbub over Baby Yoda that, as shown in Screen Rant, artists have imagined what would happen if The Child became The Teenager. 3D artist Gabriel Belluco’s version strongly resembles Gollum from The Lord of the Rings movies if he had pointy ears. Still another striking take has a teen Yoda with a full head of hair replacing the usual wisps we see. At least that’s not as frightening as the version of Yoda with human skin, which looks like Mel Brooks’ Yogurt from his parody Spaceballs

Baby Yoda probably shouldn’t become Teen Yoda

When we last left Baby Yoda, the Mandalorian was mandated to reunite the child with its own kind. So maybe when Season 2 hits this fall, we’ll finally see where Baby Yoda came from. Maybe we’ll see other members of his species. Maybe that species will finally have a name.

And if the showrunners are smart-alecks, they’ll show Yoda meeting ET, a nod to the characters sharing the same room in The Phantom Menace. 

However, as fascinating as that all sounds, once Baby Yoda is reunited with his kind, he probably shouldn’t hang with the Mandalorian.

Such a suggestion would probably give the toy manufacturers chest pains, but if Disney wants to keep The Mandalorian going, it might be best to cut ties with the new Yoda. Baby Yoda has already stolen focus away from the title character of the show more than the creators intended, and it might be wise to remember just who the title character is.

One of the most popular images of Baby Yoda was of the character toddling along and holding a drink. It threatened to supplant the famous Kermit the Frog sipping tea meme. What would Teen Yoda’s version be, swaggering along with a brewski? 

How much for a toy Baby Yoda?

One of the most talked-about aspects of Baby Yoda was something we didn’t actually see. Because Disney was determined not to leak spoilers, Baby Yodas were not ready in time for last Christmas. Per CNN, however, Toy Yodas are finally ready to be yours …if you have $350 to spare. 

Yes, that’s $350. One might think a toy in that range is meant for uber-rich fans who can afford to spend thousands of dollars a night in a Star Wars-themed Disney hotel. In fairness, it’s a “life-size” Baby Yoda, so it’s to scale. And it’s a lot cheaper than the $1 million Disney paid to create the animatronic Baby Yoda that George Lucas liked.

Once a more affordable Baby Yoda gets on the market, Disney will be able to make that back fast.