‘The Masked Singer’: A Fan Says These Costume Tricks Could Provide Major Clues

Many fans would say the most enjoyable part of The Masked Singer is trying to figure out who is behind the mask. Singers are covered from head to toe, so it’s difficult to guess who might be performing. One fan on Reddit decided to create a list of some costume tricks the show might be using to conceal the identities of the performers. Here’s what the Redditor found.  

This ‘Masked Singer’ fan said there has been a lot of ‘trickery’ going on

The Masked Singer producers love to trick us, but that’s all part of the fun. One Redditor says the team has been trying even harder to trick viewers with elaborate costume tricks:

As we all have noticed this season, there is a lot more costume trickery going on to mislead us. I know I use height and body type a lot to help identify who the singer might be. I thought it would be helpful to compile a list where we see obvious and subtle tricks that may be causing us to rule out otherwise good choices.

Here are some tricks that might be throwing you off according to this fan.

The butterfly

The Masked Singer Butterfly |  Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
The Masked Singer Butterfly | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

One way the show tries to fool the audience is by adjusting the contestant’s height. The fan noticed the butterfly seems to be wearing boots that have at least a four-inch heel. This could mean the butterfly is very short.

The flamingo

The fan says the flamingo seems to be singing from her neck and that there is mesh for the singer’s face and lower neck. The flamingo also seems to be wearing heels that add at least four to six inches of height. So, this is likely another short singer.

The flower

The Redditor didn’t mention any costume tricks for the flower, but fans have already weighed in about who they think the flower could be. So far, most think the flower is either “The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik or singer Patti LaBelle.

The penguin

The other two contestants are in heels, but the fan says the penguin wears flat boots. The fan also noticed the penguin seems to be wearing the beak as a hat and that she tends to hold the microphone under her beak.

The thingamajig

The Masked Singer Thingamajig | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images
The Masked Singer Thingamajig | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The thingamajig seems to be very tall and doesn’t need the help of heels. However, this fan said the thingamajig holds his microphone near his chin area, below his mouth, so he might not be as tall as the costume makes him appear. The Redditor says the thingamajig’s shoulder height might be another clue about his overall height.

The ladybug

The fan guesses the ladybug’s large skirt could be hiding heels. The skirt could also be hiding the shape of someone who has a curvy shape.

The leopard

The fan says there seems to be something off when comparing the height of the mask to the leopard’s shoulder height. This Redditor thinks the mask might be more of a hat, and it appears it’s not that close to the singer’s face. So, it’s hard to tell how tall this singer could be.

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