‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Have a Crazy Theory About Who the Leopard Really Is

Get your guesses ready. The Masked Singer returns to Fox on Wednesday, September 25 with 16 all-new super-secret celebrity contestants. And fans already have theories about the true identities of the stars hiding inside the elaborate costumes. 

While the names of those competing are kept strictly under wraps, we do know that season 2 will feature even more star power than season 1. The success of the first season made it easier for producers to recruit contestants since they now understand what The Masked Singer is all about. And the celebs who’ve agreed to appear are stepping up their game as well. 

“The contestants know the show now,” judge Jenny McCarthy told USA Today. “They come into this saying, ‘I’m going to one-up this. I’m going to trick the judges.’ And they get into their character so much, you can’t possibly figure out who it is because they’ve taken control.”

In other words, it really could be anyone behind the mask. And when it comes to the Leopard, fans have a pretty crazy theory about who the singer really is.

Meet the Leopard 

The costumes for season 2 are even more extravagant than in season 1. Take the Leopard. This singer dons a Baroque-era gown that took the show’s design team more than 30 days to finish. The ensemble was specifically designed to hide the singer’s “natural silhouette” — potentially a big clue as to this person’s identity.

A few more important clues about the Leopard were revealed in the show’s September 15 preview special.

“When I stalk my prey, they never see it coming,” says the British-accented Leopard. “And the creatures on this show won’t either.”

The Leopard then dropped what might be the most important hint about their identity. “The security here reminds of the Secret Service. And I should know. I’ve been spotted with the president,” they say. 

Could the Leopard be Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama with microphone
Michelle Obama |Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Once fans knew that the Leopard had spent time with a president, the guesses started rolling in.  And a few people thought that the singer might have more than just a casual relationship with a former commander-in-chief. 

“I think is Michelle Obama,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“First guess for the leopard Michele Obama,” tweeted another person.

“The Leopard is possibly @MichelleObama mark my word!” agreed another viewer.

The former first lady has been known to break into song from time to time, so this guess isn’t totally implausible. In 2016, she joined James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke segment, belting out Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” But some people had a very different idea about who the Leopard might be.

Kim Kardashian and Omarosa are other guesses 

The Leopard from The Masked Singer
The Leopard from The Masked Singer Season 2 | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Many guessers thought it was more likely that the Leopard had a connection with the current president than a former one. Several people suspected that Omarosa was behind the mask. After all, she appeared with Donald Trump on The Apprentice and worked with him at the White House. And she’s not averse to going back to her reality TV roots, joining Celebrity Big Brother as a houseguest in  2018.  

Kim Kardashian was another popular guess. She’s met with the president to discuss criminal justice reform and definitely has a recognizable figure that could be concealed by a costume. 

Others suspected that a famous drag queen could be the one wearing the Elizabethan-influenced costume. “My guess so far is RuPaul,” wrote one person on Instagram. However, the Drag Race judge doesn’t have an obvious presidential connection. Monica Lewinsky, Lisa Vanderpump, Boy George, Elton John, and even Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples are among the many other names that have been floated. You’ll just have to tune in to get more clues and eventually find out the truth about who is behind the mask.

The Masked Singer premieres Wednesday, September 25 at 8/7c on Fox.