‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Might Already Know Who the Flower Is

This week, viewers got a sneak peek into the new competitors on The Masked Singer. Out of all the crazy costumes and interesting personalities, The Flower seemed to capture the attention of many fans. Her strangely creepy, yet beautiful costume and cryptic clues had lots of fans trying to guess her identity. Some of their guesses seemed right on, but others may surprise you. Have fans accurately figured out who the Flower is yet?

‘The Masked Singer’ season two starts soon

'The Masked Singer'
‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2: The Flower | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

During its first season, The Masked Singer delighted audiences with a new kind of singing competition. Instead of the competitors coming right out in front of the judges, The Masked Singer added mystery by getting stars who are dressed in costume to compete against each other. We won’t know who is behind each mask until almost the end. 

Viewers enjoyed the first season of The Masked Singer so much that it’s back for another round. Season two begins with a two-hour premiere on September 25. But until then, the producers gave us a sneak peek to start us guessing who could be behind the masks. We saw some interesting characters, including an Egg, a Leopard, an ice cream, and several others. But the most interesting competitor for many viewers is the Flower. 

What do we know about the Flower?

Perhaps one of the strangest costumes in the bunch was the Flower. A fluffy purple headpiece that actually moves to show facial expressions, the Flower gave us some interesting clues.

First, she said, “I blossom in every field I plant myself in and I’m here to branch out yet again.” Some have suggested that this means they’re known for several different things, like singing, acting, dancing, etc. Others have mentioned that it could be a reference to the 1990s TV show: Blossom

Next, the Flower told us: “I’m going to put my petals to the metal and make the other singers wilt.” The reference to the term “pedal to the metal” made some think that it could be a reference to a race-car driver or possibly the Fast and Furious movies.

“To put it delicately,” the Flower continued, “I hope the audience loves me and loves them not… as much.” This seems to be a reference to the “she loves me, she loves me not,” petal pulling game. But it there something else we’re missing here?

“Good luck picking out my identity. When I take this beautiful mask off, you’ll be blown away,” she finishes. Another detail viewers noticed from her preview, the numbers 314 were in the flowerbed behind her. 

Who could the Flower be?

What do all these clues mean? Fans have been eagerly trying to work out the clues, and they have some interesting ideas for Flower. 

Some have suggested Mayim Bialik because of the Blossom reference and the numbers 314, which was her apartment number on The Big Bang Theory. However, there is one big clue that doesn’t seem to fit with this theory. The Flower definitely emphasized the term “petal to the metal” and that doesn’t seem to fit with Bialik in any way. 

Sticking with the “petal to the metal” reference, some fans think it could be female NASCAR racer, Danica Patrick. But none of the other clues fit her. 

The reference to 314 brought up several theories with fans. One person on Reddit suggested it could be an area code, which is St. Louis, Missouri. Another thought it could be a reference to pi, which is 3.14.  In reality, the number could mean a huge variety of things. 

On Instagram, fans suggested everyone from Tina Turner and Vanessa Williams to Drew Barrymore and Adele. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solid idea yet. The closest guess seems to be Bialik, but she’s not a perfect fit. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.