‘The Masked Singer’: Mariah Carey Responds to Rumors in the Best Possible Way

There seems to be a distortion of what the real purpose of The Masked Singer is for the disguised notables competing each week. Of course, the more the show can throw people off the trail, the better for the sake of ratings.

It’s also obvious some of the judges are made to give deliberately wrong guesses to obfuscate and confuse the viewer.

At least some of the masked singers are veteran performers who haven’t been seen in a while and looking for a comeback. The show enables exactly this after seeing icons Gladys Knight and T-Pain last year reignite their music careers with a younger generation.

This overlooked concept is why we shouldn’t think a current music superstar would necessarily appear on the show. The latest in these rumors is Mariah Carey being behind the flower mask.

Mariah Carey has already torn down the rumors

Mariah Carey performs onstage
Mariah Carey | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Several high-profile celebrities were cornered last season on social media about being behind the masks when the rumors proved false. A couple of them were the real deal, including Rumer Willis. You might recall she adamantly denied it was her on social media, despite being a ruse.

Just for fun, the rumor of Mariah Carey deciding to partake in TMS has taken a life of its own. Because there’s always the possibility of one of the masked singers disguising their voice, some people still think it’s possible the flower is Carey.

The thought of Carey standing in disguise next to her former husband (Nick Cannon) is a little too hard to resist for some. It even led to someone from Entertainment Tonight having to outright ask Carey recently whether or not she’s on the show.

Carey’s response about holding hands with Cannon in disguise led her to retort: “Bye girl, bye.” She then walked on, looking bemused anyone would think she’d want to appear on TMS.

Could ‘The Masked Singer’ ever land a pop star of Carey’s caliber?

If there’s any simple answer to this, it would be a logical no. Outside of reports TMS had to literally turn down notables to appear, we’re sure there’s more than a few superstars who wouldn’t bother.

Besides, the contestants are apparently paid nothing to perform. No one should sanely think Carey would appear there for free without asking for a sizable figure first. Unless she’s like some of the notables who’ve appeared who just find it a fun experience.

On the whole, the show is clearly using the main point of competitive reality shows: To get one’s self exposed to millions of people again. For the former icons who were revealed last season (and this year), the renewed publicity is enough of a reward. Many unknown contestants on American Idol and The Voice now employ the same philosophy.

There’s always the possibility TMS will surprise us, though, since they do seem to have a waiting list of celebs who want to join in.

So who’s behind the flower mask?

We and many others have said the flower is definitely Patti LaBelle. She can’t really hide the uniqueness of her vocal timbre. While there’s always the possibility someone like Mariah Carey could disguise her voice, nobody would really do that well if they have a familiar cadence we know by heart.

Carey’s voice is far too familiar in pop culture to not be scoped out, no matter if she did try to sound like someone else. With this in mind, you can remove those Mariah Carey rumors out of your head indefinitely.

Only time will tell if the show manages to land Carey next season. Nick Cannon may always sweat bullets every season wondering if his ex-wife is standing next to him, possibly not in an overly obvious metaphorical mask.