‘The Masked Singer:’ Nick Cannon Reveals All the Ways the Show Keeps Contestants’ Identities Secret

If there are two things you need to know about the Fox reality TV show The Masked Singer, then let us divulge. First, the premise — concealing celebrities’ identities behind elaborate masks and costumes as they participate in a singing competition — is kind of crazy. Second, the show is so successful that Fox ordered Season 2 before the first one was over. Anonymity is key to The Masked Singer’s success, but you’ll never believe all the ways they keep the contestants’ identities secret.

The show gives the witness protection program a run for its money

As we mentioned, secrecy is essential to success on The Masked Singer, and the show’s producers don’t take any chances. We know the celebrities wear masks and hoodies from the time they set foot on set to the time they leave, but that’s not all.

Agents, managers, publicists, friends, and family also get incognito treatment on the show. Since a celebrity’s team of handlers can easily expose who is behind the mask (or at least narrow down the choices), they have to keep their identities secret, too.

The singers don’t know their competition, and stagehands, camera operators, choreographers, and almost all the other people working on the show don’t either.

“The director didn’t know. The writers didn’t know. The studio team didn’t know,” producer Izzie Pick Ibarra says to E! News. “I was extremely, extremely careful about how many people were really privy to that information. People were learning who the cast was as we were taping the show.”

Yet another layer of secrecy on The Masked Singer

The singers and the people working on the show don’t know who’s is behind the mask, and the same goes for the audience. As host Nick Cannon points out in a behind-the-scenes look at The Masked Singer, anyone who attends a taping has to surrender their electronic devices and sign non-disclosure agreements before they can take their seat.

The Masked Singer hides contestant identities extremely well

We’ve discussed all the steps the producers of The Masked Singer take to keep every element of the show secret. Was it worth all the effort? The answer is yes, as it turns out.

The show finished taping before the finale, and we all will be shocked by the winner. Executive producer Craig Plestis reveals a surprising thing about the result.

He says no one ever uttered the winner’s name. Not just during the final episode, but no one guessed the winner as being a contestant for the duration of the first season.

One panelist reveals why the show is so successful

The success of shows such as America’s Got Talent, Dancing With the Stars, and American Idol, proves that people love talent-based reality TV. Panelist Ken Jeong says The Masked Singer’s success is finding a way to feature the best parts of all those other shows.

“It’s the format,” Jeong tells Parade. “The Masked Singer is four gameshows rolled into one. It’s part American Idol, part The Voice, part Dancing With the Stars, and a little big vintage What’s My Line. The format is the star.”

Jeong knows why The Masked Singer is a hit, but he’s still surprised by the show’s success. “It’s insane, isn’t it?” he says. “None of us expected the monster ratings, pun intended. One reviewer described the show as a ‘fever dream.’ It’s like, wow, is The Masked Singer on, or do I have the flu?”

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