‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2: Why Fans Are Convinced the Black Widow Is This Famous Actress

After The Masked Singer Season 2 premiere last week, fans have been going crazy on Twitter, claiming they figured out the famous people hiding inside the various costumes.

Previously, Butterfly, Egg, Thingamajig, Skeleton, Rottweiler, Ladybug, Tree, and Ice Cream already performed for the audience with everyone, except for Egg and Ice Cream, making it to the next round.

Therefore, they had to “take it off,” and Egg revealed himself to be Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir. Even though he also performs skating, Weir admitted he has a newfound respect for singers and songwriters.

The Masked Singer The Black Widow
“The Black Widow” | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Because of the Ice Cream’s obvious clues and rampant fanbase, viewers already blew up Twitter identifying him as YouTuber and streamer, Richard “Ninja” Blevins before he revealed himself.

He said he wanted to come on The Masked Singer and step out of his comfort zone by doing something different, even though he’s used to performing for millions of people online.

Fans also claim they know the famous singers hiding in the Butterfly and Rottweiler costume, and allegedly identified the “gentle giant” in the Thingamajig outfit.

For The Masked Singer Episode 3, viewers were introduced to four new characters, and fans believe they have already figured out the familiar face behind the Black Widow mask.

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Black Widow clues

In the Black Widow’s introduction video, she says she is “hiding in plain sight,” and there’s a Sagittarius sign in the background. Additionally, the famous person tells the audience after “years of living in the public” they’re in her “house now.”

The Black Widow also refers to “director’s cuts” and “deleted scenes,” alluding to her profession. She ends her video by explaining she’s “darker and edgier” than viewers know her to be.

Then, the Black Widow sang the late Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and the vocals were a dead giveaway. However, the judges guessed Sherri Shepherd, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Amber Riley.

Why fans believe the Black Widow is Raven Symone

Other than fans immediately recognizing their favorite Cheetah Girls’ voice, the clues and the Black Widows’ hilarious actions on stage, including twerking after the audience voted her to the next round, all add up to singer and actress Raven Symone.

Born December 10, 1985, making her a Sagittarius, she starred on The Cosby Show as the adorable Olivia Kendall at the tender age of four years old and then received her own successful show, That’s So Raven at 18-years-old.

Therefore, she lived almost her entire life in the public eye, as the Black Widow said. Additionally, the reference to the viewers being “in her house now,” is a play on her current series, Raven’s House.

The Black Widow also hinted to her being an actress but said she’s “darker and edgier” than what we’ve seen. Once again, this adds up because Symone portrays a bubbly funny single mother on her family-oriented Disney Channel show but had “edgy” opinions while a host on The View.

She’s also opened up about hiding her sexuality when she was younger because of the characters she’s played on television. Do you think the Black Widow is Raven Symone?