‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2: Fans Really Want Danny Devito in the Egg Costume

People have been making very strange demands of Danny DeVito lately. First, Marvel fans made a petition to have him play the X-Man Wolverine. Now, TV viewers hope DeVito will come out of his eggshell on The Masked Singer.

The second season of the very purposefully bizarre singing competition is coming up in September, and Fox has been airing promo clips to tease what the second season has in store.

In the show, celebrities appear in elaborate costumes that hide their faces. Judges and viewers not only have to guess who is behind the mask, they get to decide which contestant gave the best performance.

So where does DeVito fit into all this? Unlike the Wolverine petition, having him on The Masked Singer isn’t so far fetched. 

Danny Devito
Danny Devito | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

How ‘The Masked Singer’ works

The competition, which premiered last January, pairs the masked celebrities against each other, and a panel of judges and audience votes gradually eliminate each contestant. When contestants are eliminated, they take off their masks to reveal who they are. 

The show is hosted by Nick Cannon, with the judges being singer Robin Thicke, TV personality Jenny McCarthy, actor Ken Jeong, and singer Nicole Scherzinger. The contestants were mostly not known for singing, but there were some contestants for which singing is their claim to fame. 

The roster in Season 1 included NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, comedian Margaret Cho, and singer Gladys Knight. Many were astonished when bona fide singer Knight finished third behind Donny Osmond and rapper T-Pain.

When the Hollywood Reporter expressed amazement at the “insane” finish, Executive Producer Craig Plestis said, “I know, it’s crazy. We were so lucky. Really the quality of everybody on the show, but especially our final batch, is really exceptional. They’re all such professionals and perfectionists.”

Why ‘Masked Singer’ fans want Danny DeVito

Fans on Reddit noticed that one of the costumes in the season 2 promo was an egg. More than one person guessed the egg is Danny DeVito. 

One viewer said, “Egg- I see a comedian, most likely male and a middle age- I could see Danny DeVito actually here. He’s short and has a kind of gruff personality or whatever….but again, maybe the preview has some sort of voices?”

DeVito makes a good guess because he has sung before in the Disney animated movie Hercules, where he performed the comical training number “One Last Hope.” 

And that’s just one example. A New York Times interview with the actor has the headline “Danny DeVito sings.” He said: 

In Living Out Loud, I sang “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” at the end of the movie. In Taxi, I sang in an early episode, in the first season when there was nobody in the garage. And I improvised a little singing to Arnold (Schwarzenegger) in Twins

DeVito has a strange relationship with eggs

Reddit’s egg theory actually holds water because if you Google Danny DeVito egg,  you get some surprising results. Among other results, you get a meme from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a New York Times video about how to eat eggs on Broadway.

In 2017, DeVito was starring in the Arthur Miller play The Price, where his character haggles with a grieving son over the price of the furniture left behind by his deceased parents. For eight shows a week had to peel and eat a hard-boiled egg while still clearly saying his lines. 

As the saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up. Perhaps DeVito should also wear Wolverine claws with the egg costume – if he is indeed the eggman.  We’ll find out when The Masked Singer returns in September.