‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2: These Are the Characters We Know About So Far

The Masked Singer was last winter’s surprise TV hit, as millions of people tuned in to watch the singing competition show featuring disguised celebrities. In season 1, rapper T-Pain — aka the Monster — beat out Gladys Knight (the Bee) and Donny Osmond (the Peacock) to win the top prize. With the show set to return to Fox for a second season in a few weeks, a new round of guessing will soon begin as fans try to figure out which stars are hiding behind the intricate costumes. 

‘The Masked Singer’ season 2 characters 

Sixteen stars will don elaborate costumes for the upcoming season of The Masked Singer, up from 12 in the first season. While we’ll have to wait to find out who the contestants are, Fox has revealed some of the characters who will appear on season 2. 

So far, we’ve seen costumes for the Butterfly, the Eagle, the Egg, the Flamingo, the Fox, the Leopard, the Panda, and the Skeleton. There’s also an Ice Cream mask, a Rottweiler, and a crazy creature called the Thingamajig.

The complete cast of season 2 characters will be revealed during the show’s September 15 sneak peek special. 

You need to watch the sneak peek for clues to the singer’s identities 

If you’re hoping to guess the identity of a singer before they take off their mask, you’ll need to tune in to the show’s sneak peek special, when the contestants will officially be introduced — and key clues will be dropped. 

“[O]bviously there’s a clue in everything from the names to the characters that were chosen,” executive producer Craig Plestis told Decider

“(Clues) are mixed in with each package just like we do with our regular show. If you keep a close eye on it you’ll figure it out what the clue is,” he added. “Now will you figure out 100% who that person is? If you’re smart you can do it. Do some research. So my word here is I challenge America watch it, look at it, figure it out, and get in that debate. Start early before even the premiere.”

What else we know about season 2 of ‘The Masked Singer’ 

The Masked Singer Thingamajig
The hingamajig participates in a runway show for the premiere of Fox’s The Masked Singer | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

While the contestants will be new, the original judges will return: Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Sherzinger. Host Nick Cannon is also back. 

Producers have also stepped up security for season 2 in an effort to ensure there are no leaks. Contestants have to wear hoods and arrive on set via special cars so their identity stays under wraps. 

“I think there were more people doing security for the show than actually making the show. No show I think in the history of television has this much security enforced because that is key to our show,” Plestis explained to Decider.

If you end up loving season 2 of The Masked Singer as much as season 1, you won’t have to wait long for season 3. The show will be back for a third season on February 2, 2020, premiering right after the Super Bowl. 

The Masked Singer Super Sneak Peek airs Sunday, September 15 at 8/7c on Fox. The Masked Singer Season 2 premieres Sunday September 25 at 8/7c.