‘The Masked Singer’: The 1 Singer Everybody Thinks They Have Figured Out

While The Masked Singer is trying to up the ante in fooling everyone this year, they might not be doing as thorough of a job as they think they are. Well, maybe they are on a few. Nobody could have guessed Dr. Drew Pinsky under the Eagle mask recently. Some of the remaining masked singers are also more than a little easy to guess.

Arguably, one of the easiest to figure out at this point is the Flower. Perhaps it would have been harder to guess had they not have chosen to use the real voice of the celebrity in question.

It turns out this is the unmistakable voice of Patti LaBelle. Or at least it sure sounds like her. This makes us wonder whether TMS can really get away with bringing singers on with overly familiar voices.

A singer performs onstage during the competition
Buelent Ceylan performs during the “The Masked Singer” finals | Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Even some of the sideline clues gave it away as LaBelle

Not everyone knows all the side things Patti LaBelle has done over the years. One clue the Flower gave was gaining an honorary degree from Temple University a number of years back, something a Reddit user recently said lines up perfectly. Also, seeing an LGBTQ pride flag as another clue connected to LaBelle’s longtime support for this community.

Few probably remember she’s also written numerous cookbooks, hence the cooking references. Her clue related to wearing unique makeup is also fairly obvious.

Then there’s that distinctive voice we’ve all heard for years. Unfortunately, we don’t see or hear LaBelle nearly enough on TV after a long and stellar career in the music industry. At 75 years old, she clearly still sounds awesome.

If it truly is her (and we’re about 99% sure), what does it say about TMS in refining future ways to make it less easy to guess?

Should they also disguise the singing voice?

Some voices are just too unique to be easily disguised, even if the notable singers usually do something to create confusion. Most of the time, it’s singing a song we wouldn’t expect them to sing, typically something contemporary. Other times, they seem to deepen their voice or do other subtle vocal inflections to make everyone unsure.

LaBelle couldn’t do that with her voice, especially when hitting those famous high notes.

Should The Masked Singer do something to fix this problem next season, or is it just customary for the original overseas edition to keep the original voice intact?

There is one ace the show has up its sleeve, however. As you’ve probably noticed, they’re bringing in quite a few veteran singers we don’t hear nearly enough about in recent years. Older singers have more or less used TMS as a place to prove themselves again as entertainers and to remind everyone they’re still active.

Many younger viewers don’t think of those veteran artists first, making it easier to fool audiences.

The show makes it possible for older artists to start making new albums

Many of LaBelle’s popular hits from decades ago are still played on radio and in TV ads. Nevertheless, she hasn’t made a new album in a while other than one a couple of years ago after almost a decade break.

Not that she’s stopped singing by any means. Almost every season, she’s out touring around the country. Her recent “Come As You Are Tour” has been on the road for almost two years.

On top of this, LaBelle is still seen occasionally as an actor on TV, plus an occasional movie role. TMS will be a reminder just how active she still is and how she should be making new albums, perhaps doing covers of today’s biggest hits.

As all the veteran singers have proven thus far on TMS, they can cover Top 40 songs with as much passion (if not better) than the artists who put the song on the charts.