‘The Masked Singer’: Which Judge Thinks Plastic Surgery Is Fun and Loves Botox?

Some people think of The Masked Singer as a kind of plastic, empty-headed show — and that’s precisely why some people like it. It’s also very purposely bizarre, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that we wonder which judge likes Botox.

That judge would be Jenny McCarthy, who has endured her share of controversy, not the least of which is her anti-vaxxer stance. She would probably prefer to be known for supporting Botox, so we’ll explain why.

What does Jenny McCarthy like about Botox?

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke on the red carpet
Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke | Michael Tran/WireImage

“Botox” has become kind of a code word in Hollywood as if it’s some kind of magic procedure that keeps celebrities looking young beyond their years.

It’s actually a toxin that in large doses causes muscle paralysis, according to the Cleveland Clinic. In small does, it’s used as kind of a muscle relaxer to treat wrinkles and other facial creases. Contrary to popular belief, it does not technically fill wrinkles, but it relaxes the muscles that create the wrinkles. 

Jenny McCarthy would ask, “What’s wrong with that?”

She said in Michigan Avenue magazine, “I think plastic surgery is fun if it makes you feel good. I love Botox, I absolutely love it. I get it minimally, so I can still move my face. But I really do think it’s a savior.”

Radar Online talked to an injector, Kristina Kitsos, who has not treated McCarthy specifically, but looking at pictures of McCarthy, she theorized that she’s had work done on her jawline, cheeks, and face. All told, she estimated that McCarthy’s various procedures costs between $50,000 and $60,000. 

‘As we age, our facial bones actually decrease in size over the years. As a result, the face droops and sags. With balanced and precise injections of certain robust fillers directly on the facial bones, you can prevent the inevitable drooping and sagging of the face and maintain a taut, youthful facial structure,” she explained. 

How is McCarthy perceived on ‘The Masked Singer?’

McCarthy is one of four judges on the show, the other being comedic actor Ken Jeong, singer Robin Thicke, and performer Nicole Scherzinger.

While Jeong, Thicke, and Scherzinger are generally well-liked by fans, it always seems that at least one judge on the show has to be the “villain,” whether they’re playing the villain or not. And for better or worse, McCarthy gets that title. 

Her anti-vaxxer views have a lot to do with it, as does the general perception that there’s not that much to her. She initially became famous as a Playboy model and increased her visibility with MTV’s dating show Singled Out.

She was also a tabloid fixture when she dated Jim Carrey in the mid-to-late 2000s. After they split up in 2010, she began dating actor Donnie Wahlberg of Blue Bloods, and they married in 2014, according to People

What does McCarthy do outside of ‘The Masked Singer?’

When she’s not guessing who costumed celebrity singers are, she and Wahlberg live in St. Charles, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. It’s a tricky living arrangement, because he works in New York shooting Blue Bloods, while she tapes The Masked Singer in Los Angeles and does The Jenny McCarthy Show on Sirius XM in the Big Apple.

“From Friday to Monday, we get to be here with the kids. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we work and stay in New York,” says McCarthy. Where she find the time to get to LA for The Masked Singer is a wonder all its own. 

Most recently on that show, Dr. Drew Pinsky, another former MTV veteran, was revealed to be the guy in the Eagle costume. And none of the judges, including McCarthy, guessed right. 

“What really got to me is how close they got without getting it,” Pinsky says. “Jenny ruled me out and then who does she pick? She picks the two people that will never do the show: Adam Carolla and Howard Stern. Neither of them, I promise you, will ever do this show,” Pinsky told People.