‘The Masked Singer’: Who’s the Most Famous Judge?

Singer Robin Thicke on stage wearing sunglasses and singing into a microphone while pointing
Robin Thicke | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

At times it can seem like the TV is flooded with competition shows. Whether it is competing to be the last Survivor or the next American Idol, all the major television networks have their own reality competitions. Many times it seems like viewers are seeing the same thing over and over, so TV executives have to work hard to come up with creative new ideas.

Enter The Masked Singer, Fox’s newest reality show. The show takes a new spin on the singing competition in a fun and engaging way. With a second season on the way, it’s time to learn more about the Fox hit.

What is ‘The Masked Singer’?

The Masked Singer is a singing competition show. Each week, performers face off against each other, with one contestant being voted off. While this may seem like your typical singing competition, it is anything but.

The performers in the competition are celebrities, but the twist is that nobody has any idea who they are. That’s because they are performing in elaborate costumes (think rabbit in a tuxedo and unicorn in an evening gown). The audience and the judges try to figure out who the singers are with very few clues from the contestants. The identity of the singer is finally revealed when the performer is eliminated.

The Contestants

One of the fun parts about the show is trying to figure out who each singer is. Judges make their guesses based on personal stories revealed by the contestants and clues in their performances. In one episode, judge Nicole Scherzinger can be heard questioning whether a contestant is a professional dancer based on his on-stage moves.

Five singers have been revealed so far. Week one was the end of the road for the singing hippo. When the mask was removed, NFL player, Antonio Brown was revealed. The following weeks would reveal comedian Tommy Chong (the pineapple), NFL Hall of Famer, Terry Bradshaw (the deer), comedian Margaret Cho (the poodle), Tori Spelling (the unicorn), and TV host Ricki Lake (the raven). Six singers still remain.

The Judges

The contestants are not the only famous faces on the show. The judging panel is composed of celebrities as well. Three of the four judges have previous judging experience. Nicole Scherzinger is arguably the biggest name on the panel. The singer is best known as lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. Scherzinger previously judged on another Fox singing competition, The X Factor. Robin Thicke is the other singer on the panel. His song “Blurred Lines” was one of the biggest songs of 2013. Thicke was a judge on the ABC show Duets in 2012.

Rounding out the panel are actors Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong. McCarthy started her career as a model and TV host. She is best known as an activist, author, and comedian. Jeong is most known for his role as Mr. Chow in the Hangover trilogy. His other credits include Dr. Ken and Community.

What do we know about season 2 so far?

Fox recently announced that The Masked Singer will be renewed for a second season. The reality competition has been a hit for the network and consistently ranks as one of its best performing shows. The show will feature different celebrity contestants but the judging panel will remain the same.

Nick Cannon will also return as the show’s host. President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at Fox Broadcasting Company, Rob Wade, told Deadline, “The response to The Masked Singer has been fantastic and we are thrilled to bring it back for another season…We look forward to Season Two being even more fun, weird and wonderful than the first.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Fox.