‘The Masked Singer’ Winner: Sly Fox’s Mom Didn’t Even Know He Was a Contestant

It came down to three on The Masked Singer: Fox, Rottweiler, and Flamingo. Season two’s winner was crowned and unveiled on last night’s episode, and to many fans’ surprise, the Fox was not Jamie Foxx.

While some are disappointed that Rottweiler came in second place, the recipient of the Golden Mask earned the most votes. Who won? None other than Wayne Brady.

The Fox on 'The Masked Singer'
The Fox on ‘The Masked Singer’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

How the Emmy winner kept the secret from his family

As is customary for the performers, they have to keep a tight lid on their Masked Singer identities. Brady spoke to Entertainment Weekly and when asked about who he’d sworn to secrecy, he shared one of the people closest to him was none the wiser so it was easy:

“Let’s put it this way, my mother didn’t know. What’s hilarious is, she would give me a text every week and her and her husband would say, ‘Wayne, you know that Fox? He’s trying to sound like you sometimes. I know your voice.’ But then she’d say something like, ‘But I know that’s not you because you sing better than he does.’ I’m like, thanks, Mom.”

Brady added that he didn’t attempt to disguise his voice during the competition and instead focused on pouring passion into the songs. Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger wound up guessing correctly, but the overwhelming number of Jamie Foxx guesses didn’t bother him either because he considers him to be a great singer.

Who was in on the secret? Brady’s 16-year-old daughter and her mom helped advise him on song choices and his performances.

Now that he’s won, what’s next?

One of the things Brady is hoping for is more exposure for his singing. He’s been on Broadway, won an Emmy for a track he performed on Let’s Make a Deal, and put out an album a decade ago. When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Brady said he’s still mostly recognized for his comedy.

With all the love he’s been receiving from The Masked Singer, he would love for people to be receptive to his music career. He just released a new record titled “Flirting With Forever,” but fans can look forward to some singles from the show being dropped too.

Who didn’t like his rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey?” Stay tuned for more music from the actor/comedian/singer.

How fans reacted to Brady’s unmasking

Twitter erupted with the funniest reactions to learning Brady was the Fox. People were quickly reminded that he was once Dave Chappelle’s ride-or-die in a classic sketch for Chappelle’s Show. Memes from that famous episode started making the rounds on social media after his win and fans say it’s one of the reasons they know Brady—and his voice. Those who knew celebrated and gloated about being correct.

Others praised Brady and want to see him get more credit for his singing abilities or would like him to pursue music. But he’s been doing this!

One commenter wrote, “Wayne you killed it Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on the WIN!! I must say I too slept on you over the years, but no longer. You’ve gained a fan and respect this evening!!!”, and others simply said “I knew it!!” He’s definitely gained new fans.

Beating out Chris Daughtry (Rottweiler) who came in second place, Brady said he’s grateful and happy to have participated on The Masked Singer. If you liked what you heard, grab his album when it arrives in January.