The MCU Could Do Away With Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters: Here’s Why

Ever since the Fox/Disney merger placed mutantkind in Kevin Feige’s hands, theories surrounding the mutant entrance into the landscape continue surfacing. What role will the X-Men play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

How will the MCU feature the X-Men without mimicking Fox’s former narrative approach? In short, a different origin point may place different characters in the spotlight. Such could work to minimize Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters — an institution that could exist mostly (or entirely) behind-the-scenes. 

Professor Xavier Patrick Stewart X-Men
Patrick Stewart attends the ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ world premiere at Jacob Javits Center on May 10, 2014 in New York City | Mike Coppola / Staff

The MCU to break away from Fox’s X-Men depiction and origin point

While under Fox, The X-Men saga highlighted the conflict between Professor Xavier and Magneto, often bringing Xavier’s students into the spotlight. The school’s development directly correlated with Xavier’s growth and significance. Thus, the school — with all of its associated classes and professors — were at center stage throughout the saga. 

If rumors surrounding Storm’s entrance in Black Panther 2 are credible, the MCU will likely opt to begin its story at a later point in time — when the School For Gifted Youngsters has been around for ages, and Storm is the headmaster. Yet, considering plans for Black Panther 2 remain unknown at this time, her entrance may take place in a different installment.  

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Because the School for Gifted Youngers boasts such a well-known history, Marvel Studios can choose to imply its existence and relevance to the story, rather than devoting screen-time to it. The X-Men story will, instead, focus on different leaders (Storm) and the conflicts between different members of mutantkind, including the one pitting Carol Danvers up against Rogue and Mystique (who could become prominent as a result of Captain Marvel 2). 

The school is vital and important to the X-Men story, but its visual existence may not be necessary to the MCU’s mutant narrative, or may it merely serve a supporting purpose. Not to mention, a different academic institution may take its place.

The Strange Academy may be on its way to the MCU 

The Strange Academy may be coming to the MCU, and it could serve as the landscape’s primary educational institution — in the same vein as Hogwarts or Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. 

The Strange Academy will teach students sorcery and magic. Doctor Strange will be the headmaster with the likes of Voodoo and Scarlet Witch stepping in as professors, teaching the students to wield magic safely and effectively. 

If the Strange Academy becomes a part of the landscape, another educational institution may seem extraneous. Thus, given the plans for a new X-Men focus and a sorcery school, the School for Gifted Youngsters may just not be in the MCU’s cards.