The MCU Could Link Spider-Man to the X-Men By Adding Just 1 Marvel Character

Marvel Studios has a lot of decisions ahead as it plots how to introduce the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Even fan favorites are likely to be recast when they join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if the MCU hopes to create a bridge from existing heroes to new ones, the road is easier than many think. In fact, adding just one character could change everything.

Employee Ryan Mundaca holds vintage Spider Man and X-Men Marvel comic books at St. Mark's Comics in New York City
Employee Ryan Mundaca holds vintage Spider Man and X-Men Marvel comic books at St. Mark’s Comics in New York City | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Rumors claim the MCU X-Men will grow from the current heroes

According to rumors and reports, Marvel Studios is leaning toward finding pockets within the MCU to bring new characters into the fold. After all, Marvel Comics prides itself on the interconnectedness of its countless heroes and villains.

Because of her marriage to T’Challa in the source material, many fans expect Black Panther II to introduce X-Men leader Storm. In fact, some reports claim Wolverine could enter the MCU in that movie as well. Similarly, upcoming Marvel movies could tease other key characters.

Such an approach might allow the gradual integration of Marvel heroes formerly owned by Fox. But it also could bog down much of the Phase 4 and Phase 5 slate in the process. A new report centers on adding a little-known character with some deep connections in the Marvel universe.

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One character could root the X-Men into the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise

Certainly, Marvel Studios hopes to reintroduce the X-Men as successfully as it did Spider-Man. To that end, it makes sense the company would turn to the friendly neighborhood webslinger for help. In fact, Spider-Man could be the key to creating a seamless link to the Marvel mutants.

According to YouTuber Mikey Sutton of Lords of the Long Box, the MCU plans to include Marvel superhero Firestar in an upcoming movie. Marvel introduced the character aka Angelica Jones — in 1981 animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends prior to her comic book debut.

On that show, Spidey teamed with a variety of other Marvel heroes. But Firestar — who uses microwave radiation to fly and conjure flames — was a central figure. Although she debuted alongside Spider-Man, Firestar eventually joined the X-Men a few years after her introduction.

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Some fans believe Firestar already secretly appeared in the MCU

Spider-Man: Far From Home introduced the concept that not every Marvel character is who he or she seems. Likewise, some fans believe Firestar has already made her MCU debut. It just didn’t happen in the way anyone expected it to.

Presumably because of her surname, one theory claims Zendaya’s character in the MCU Spider-Man movies — Michelle Jones aka MJ — is Firestar. Michelle’s nickname was introduced at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, seemingly revealing she is the MCU equivalent of Mary Jane Watson.

But the Firestar twist would double-down on that misdirection. Given some fans’ misgivings about how different Zendaya’s MJ is from the comics, this could be a case of wishful thinking. But if the MCU does intend to bring Firestar in, this could be a smooth way to do so.