The MCU May Explore a Kitty Pryde and Spider-Man Romance: Here’s Why

Spider-Man’s most famous, most beloved, most frequently cited romance, is the one he has with Mary Jane. However, the web-slinging night monkey has been attached to other ladies in the past — some of whom are crime fighters themselves. Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker fell in love with Captain Stacy’s daughter, Gwen. And, of course, Tobey Maguire’s Spidey fell for Dunst’s classically illustrated Jane. 

Spider-Man and X-Men
‘Spider-Man’ and ‘X-Men’ Comics | Mario Tama/Getty Images

As for Tom Holland’s Parker, he’s in love with an MJ too — Michelle Jones. The name pays homage to the original character, yet alludes to the fact that Zendaya’s Jones has got a personality and an identity all her own. She’s braver than Mary Jane. She’s more observant. Her dry humor is spot-on. She’s less of a damsel in distress, and more of a teenage detective with a soft spot for Parker.

While Tom Holland’s Parker and Zendaya’s MJ have just begun their romance — sharing a kiss in Far From Home, could it be that the MCU has plans to stray from the hero’s iconic romance story? Will the MCU incorporate a young Kitty Pryde — igniting a flame between Spidey and the famous mutant? 

Kitty Pryde may be joining the MCU sooner than later 

Sources close to We Got This Covered — the same ones who informed the outlet that Marvel Studios was developing She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows for Disney+ — believe that the studio is eyeing Halle Bailey for Kitty Pryde in the MCU. 

Bailey would take over for Ellen Page, who played the character in several prior X-Men installments. Bailey is most known for her role in Grown-ish, yet she has also appeared in Let it Shine and Last Holiday, and she is set to portray Arielle in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. 

How Kitty Pryde would join the superhero soiree remains unknown; however, several theories argue that she would appear in an X-Men mash-up before teaming up with any Avengers, as she has rarely been used as a predominant mutant with a standalone story (not that she doesn’t deserve one). However, the first Avenger she teams up with could be Spidey, considering the two teamed up in the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man series.

Pryde develops feeling for Spidey during an X-Men-Spidey team-up. She discovers his true identity, and they get to date as both superheroes and everyday people. Now, if you’re thinking “what about MJ?,” it seems that those over at Marvel Studios may have different plans for her.

There’s a reason Zendaya’s MJ is Michelle Jones and not Mary Jane 

Unlike Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane, Zendaya’s MJ has played an integral role — bearing consequence over the narrative as more than Parker’s love interest — in the most recent Spider-Man franchise. She figured out that Mysterio was a fraud. She realized all the classes Peter Parker missed in Homecoming. She figured out Parker’s identity. She’s observant. She is brave. She’s got a dry sense of humor. She’s got everything needed to play Spider-Woman, and it seems that Marvel may be grooming her for just that

How refreshing would it be to see a Spidey-MJ romance gone awry? While Mary Jane could never leave Parker for good, who says Michelle Jones has to follow the same comic book lore? 

Zendaya’s character is an homage to Mary Jane, not a replica. And, those over at Marvel Studios have gone out of their way to prove this to audiences. Such a turn of events — seeing Parker and Jones’ romance fail — would be surprising yet inevitable, given the events that have unfolded thus far. And, such a twist could open the door for this fan-favorite Mutant-Avenger romance fans know and love.