The MCU May Revamp Its Signature Formula in Phases 5 and 6: Will Fans Be Disappointed?

When you think of the MCU, what comes to mind? Intergalactic battles and cocksure humor? Intricate narrative connections and long-gestating character arcs? Genius standalone installments, and grand superhero mash-ups following 22-film progressions? Wait, you may need to remove the last one from your mental image (sort of). 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War)

Moving forward, Marvel Studios allegedly plans to change its signature formula, which could mean ridding of the grand mash-ups — the ones with virtually every single superhero — that have come to define the cinematic universe. While standalone installments are captivating, and essential to the overarching plotlines and transforming character relationships, fans wait for the team-ups. Fans anticipate the team-ups, for they are the prize at the end of the tunnel — the reward for taking the journey.

Fans wait for the Avengers to unite and fight the baddies as a unified, undefeatable force. Unfortunately, the Avengers may become a thing of the past, and several, multiple, smaller teams may be the way of the future. While there are both pros and cons to this switch, let’s first analyze the source of the information, exactly what is known, and go from there. 

What we know about the MCU’s plans to switch things up down the line

Avengers: Endgame — what fans and critics alike have labeled the peak of the superhero genre — threw an emotionally satisfying wrench into what fans knew of the MCU. 

Iron Man is gone, Black Widow is dead, and Steve Rogers has relinquished the shield. Thus, the film has opened up the landscape, forcing the universe to find its footing without its original path-makers present to guide the way. As a result, it seems the studio has chosen to veer in a new direction. 

Kevin Feige reported that there will be a fifth Avengers movie way down the line; however, he noted that it would not be the same as the former ones, as several of the heroes coming to the table would be new. The MCU must also still introduce the characters gained from the Disney/Fox merger and has Disney+ on its hands now.

Simply put, the universe is expanding in multiple directions simultaneously. And, as We Got This Covered reported, the studio is keen on introducing multiple squads — following the various Phase 4 character introductions coming to the small and silver screen — in phases 5 and 6.

Because of the sheer number of superheroes being introduced to the MCU, it is unlikely that virtually every hero moving forward will get a chance to fight together. Instead, various team-ups, smaller in magnitude, will probably come to represents the MCU’s phase 5 and phase 6 team-ups.

With multiple characters from the X-Men and The Fantastic Four still in need of an MCU introduction, the universe is set to further expand. And, a source close to We Got This Covered has confirmed that the likes of A-Force, Young Avengers, Ultimates, and more are slated to make their way to the silver screen at some point. 

With multiple superhero groups coming our way, the universe is bound to be exciting, but will any of these mash-ups ever reach the grandeur of Endgame? Will five or so smaller teams be just as satisfying as one huge one?