The MCU Movie That Left Avengers Fans Greatly Divided

Few folks will deny the grandeur and narrative accomplishment of the action-packed and emotionally stirring Avengers: Endgame. Most fans agree that Black Panther was a revolutionary spectacle, broadening the conversation on the need for diversity in the superhero space. And fans went crazy for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in both of his standalone Spider-Man films. However, not every MCU film has been met with the same widespread positive reception. 

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While some MCU movies will go down in history as prototypes for a successful superhero venture, others have left fans divided. Two MCU movies, in particular, have proved quite divisive among fans of the franchise. So, which two movies led to the most heated arguments among the fanbase?

2. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ 

When browsing through discussions concerning the most divisive films in the MCU, Avengers: Age of Ultron tends to garner a handful of votes; the film was one of the few MCU movies to receive quite mixed audience and critical reception. While the movie is an eye-popping spectacle, overflowing with action scenes, many deemed the film “overstuffed,” as the critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes explains. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron tried to accomplish a lot within one movie. While some people feel those behind the film succeeded, others found the plot jumpy and incongruous — shifting from the Hulk and Black Widow’s underlying love story back to the dire circumstances threatening the earth, and so and so forth. One fan stated:

…When I first watched it in the cinema i loved it, it was just insanely fun with some weird cheesy moments but I liked it. Rewatched it in the cinema a week later and those cheesy moments became super grating (Hulk and Black Widows weird love-ish storyline for example)…

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When analyzing Age of Ultron, its divisive nature comes down to one factor: did it bite off more than it could chew? Those who feel it did, argue that this was one of the least satisfying and most poorly executed installments. Those who feel it managed to tackle its several interweaving plotlines and ideas efficiently argue that it was one of the most entertaining Avengers films to date. 

1.  ‘Iron Man 3’

Iron Man 3 is often credited as the most divisive MCU movie for one reason: the Mandarin. Those who wanted the real Mandarin to make an appearance were dissatisfied with the twist-ending, finding that it failed to reach the expectations they went into the movie with. 

On the other hand, those who enjoyed Iron Man 3 often argue that the twist ending was both humorous and effective — coming off as a surprise and fitting well within the MCU’s shtick and general tone. One fan explained Iron Man 3, and why it divided fans, simply stating:

The Mandarin twist in IM3, because some people felt decieved [sic], while others thought it was a clever twist.

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Iron Man 3, in a discussion about divisive MCU films, tends to receive most of the support, given the ending alone. However, most agree that it was an enjoyable ride up to the final moments. In the end, it did manage to snag high 70s according to critics and general audiences alike on Rotten Tomatoes.