The Members of BTS All Betray Each Other in ‘Run BTS!’

Was the newest episode of Run BTS! the most chaotic episode in the show’s history? Possibly. In the episode, the members of BTS continued their intense game of hide-and-seek. Every member stepped up their level of deceit and betrayal, resulting in a trademark chaotic episode of Run BTS!

BTS | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Fans loved the episode of ‘Run BTS!’

After the episode aired on VLIVE, ARMY posted how much they loved the episode on social media. While fans knew the members of BTS were chaotic, the episode showed the group at peak chaos.

“The fact that no movie or sitcom or standup comedian has EVER made me laugh as much as I laugh watching RunBTS i have TEARS FROM LAUGHING,” a fan tweeted after the episode.

“run bts is unscripted yet provides moments like this that are funnier than actual variety shows,” one fan tweeted.

“bangtan: [would do anything for each other, literally the best of friends, practically brothers and soulmates] bangtan, on run bts: [betrays each other for coupons, free food and things they could easily buy on their own],” wrote a Twitter user.

Jin and V betrayed Jimin in the episode

While all of the members were out for blood, Jimin ended up being V and Jin’s target. As fans know, V was assigned to tag Jimin out in the previous episode of Run BTS! Jimin struck up an alliance with V, and told V that he trusted him. V managed to stick one sticker on Jimin’s back and kept it a secret from Jimin.

In the newest episode, V took his deceit up a notch. While Jimin went through the alphabet pieces he collected, V stood behind him. Jimin naively acknowledged that he trusted V and that was the only reason he was letting V stand behind him. Holding back laughter, V pretended to readjust the piece of paper on Jimin’s back and placed countless stickers on it.

“Today’s Run BTS ep feat. Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin : the biggest betrayal of the century Alexa, play FAKE LOVE by BTS,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

V was not the only BTS member to betray Jimin. As Jimin waited for the director of the game to look over his pieces, Jin came over and stole Jimin’s pieces. At first, Jimin tried to stop him, but Jin did not give up.

Jimin proceeded to quit the game. He then ran after Jin and threw all the pieces away so Jin could not earn more stickers. Even though Jimin was assigned Suga to tag out, Jimin refocused all his energy on trying to find a way to tag Jin out as revenge.


The pairings in ‘Run BTS!’ were peak comedy

The members of BTS were all expertly paired up for peak comedy. While all of the members are competitive in Run BTS!, Jimin, Suga, V, and Jin are the most ruthless.

“there’s something poetic about the run bts staff having seokjin (chaotic evil), taehyung (neutral evil), yoongi (chaotic neutral) & jimin (lawful evil) all target each other during the game after theyve each proven themselves to be extremely untrustworthy players sjcjdjcjdj,” a fan tweeted.

In the Run BTS! episode, RM and Jungkook continued their alliance. Because the members of BTS are so connected even when they are against each other, the two picked a hiding place where J-Hope was already waiting.

“Namkook forming an alliance, going far far away in another building and hiding in the toilets to avoid hobi at any cost…. only to find hobi hiding in the same toilets… I HAD TO PAUSE BC I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD FJDKDKKS,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

V won the game in ‘Run BTS!’

In the end, V was declared the winner of the game. He managed to place the most stickers on Jimin’s back without Jimin realizing. With his victory, V became the winner of the game’s grand prize, a scooter.

“In today’s episode of Run BTS, Kim taehyung proves again that he’s the master of mind games,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“todays Run BTS ep aka most AGGRESSIVE one: -NamKook vs Hoseok -Yoongi just lying on the ground -VMIN IS DONE FOR -JinMin wrestling -JIMIN PISSED AF -Namjoon actually scared they might fight after LMAO -chasing -betrayals -friendships over -all for a scooter they can ALL afford,” a fan tweeted.