The ‘Modern Family’ Cast Reacts to Upcoming Season 10 Death

Modern Family

Modern Family | Getty Images/Jason Merritt

Season 10 of Modern Family is going to make a huge change by killing off a “significant character on the series.” No one knows who it will be, but the cast has already started reacting to the news. Who do they think it will be and why? Here are Nolan Gould, Julie Bowen, and Sarah Hyland’s reactions to the news.

1. Nolan Gould called his agents saying he knows he’ll be killed off

Nolan Gould

Nolan Gould | Getty Images/Amanda Edwards

The Luke Dunphy actor said he was very worried when he found out someone will die. “When I heard that, I called my agents,” he told Us Weekly “and I was like, ‘It’s me! Guaranteed. 100 percent it’s me. It’s a plot they’ve been trying to kill me for years, now’s their chance. They hate me.’ I was, like, crying.”

Of course, he didn’t say whether it will be Luke or not. “I’m pretty sure it’s not me, but I can’t say for sure,” he continued. “So you don’t want to put it in print that it’s not not me, ‘cause it might be me. But yeah, we do have a significant death coming up. It could be anyone. No one’s safe.”

2. Julie Bowen joked that she will be killed off

Actress Julie Bowen arrives for the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Julie Bowen | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Claire Dunphy’s head also might be on the chopping block. “It’s me,” she joked according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I have no idea who’s dying. I have no idea!” She also revealed that the death won’t happen for some time in the season.

“We’re finishing episode 5 — maybe starting 6 — and we haven’t killed anybody yet,” she revealed. “It’s still just good, clean, semi-gay fun.”

3. Sarah Hyland said if the dog dies, she’ll leave

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland | Getty Images/Gabriel Olsen

The actress tweeted, “Is this how actors on @GameOfThrones & @WalkingDead_AMC feel?!?!” in reaction to Entertainment Weekly’s article about the upcoming death. She also gave an interview where she said who she doesn’t want to die.

If the dog dies, I leave,” she told Variety. “I’m that person that watches The Walking Dead, and I’m like ‘feed the zombie the baby before the dog.’ I’m a horrible person I know, but I just love animals so much.” She also said she doesn’t know who will actually die, but she didn’t rule out her own character. “Haley is very accident prone,” she said.

There are still many more cast members that have yet to react to the big news. But either way, the secret of who will die probably won’t come out until the emotional episode airs. Modern Family returns for Season 10 Sept. 26.

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