The Moment Mark Cuban Became a Billionaire He Did a ‘Naked Billionaire Dance’

Mark Cuban is an investor and television personality who is known to many fans as one of the main “sharks” on the TV show Shark Tank. He is also a bestselling author and tech entrepreneur who is open with viewers about how to achieve success in both life and business.

Cuban’s story is one of rags to riches, and after decades of experience in the financial industry, Cuban has a lot to say about being wealthy. Recently, Cuban opened up in an intimate interview, where he talked about how it felt to become a billionaire and what he prefers to spend his billions on. 

How did Mark Cuban become wealthy?

Mark Cuban laughing on the sideline of a Mavericks game
Mark Cuban at a Dallas Mavericks game | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Cuban was born in 1958 to working-class parents. His father worked as an automobile upholsterer, and Cuban inherited much of his entrepreneurial spirit, hustling and making his own money well before he was a teenager.

In the early ’80s, Cuban moved to Dallas, Texas, where he worked a variety of odd jobs, including bartending and selling various products. While in Dallas, Cuban founded his first company, MicroSolutions, which became very successful. Cuban sold his company in 1990 for millions of dollars.

After selling MicroSolutions, Cuban gained the capital to begin investing in even more startups and business opportunities. Over the past several decades, he has become involved with a number of other successful ventures, including Brondell, AXS Entertainment, and 2929 Entertainment. By the early 2000s, Cuban had received recognition as one of the most public entrepreneurs. 

Mark Cuban is heavily involved with the NBA

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Cuban is well known for his involvement with various sporting organizations, primarily the NBA. Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a team that he purchased for $285 million in 2000.

Although Cuban has become even more wealthy thanks to his association with the Mavericks, he has been involved in some controversy as well and has been fined on a number of occasions. 

Recently, Cuban opened up about the exact moment when he became a billionaire. Cuban detailed how Yahoo bought his company,, in 1999, for $5.7 billion in stock, effectively making Cuban a billionaire.

As Cuban recalled: “I was on because I knew I was close, obviously. I was watching our company’s stock. I knew I was close and I wanted to see that moment … I had just gotten up, basically I was naked sitting on a chair. I just got up and did my naked billionaire dance. I’m going to enjoy my moment and then go right back to work.”

What does Mark Cuban like to spend his money on?

Cuban might be a very unique billionaire, but he still has certain frivolous pleasures and things that he prefers to spend his well-earned money on. In the same interview, Cuban revealed a few of the best things that he had ever spent money on, foremost being a lifetime pass on American Airlines so that he could travel wherever he wanted.

To this day, Cuban has no regrets about that purchase, stating that buying the pass was one of the “most fun, best business decisions I ever made.”

Additionally, Cuban stated that as soon as he came into money, he decided to buy “more house than he could afford,” and spent $582k on the “worst house in the best neighborhood.” Cuban also reportedly has his own private Jetstream, which clocks in as one of his more expensive purchases over the years. Love him or hate him, it is clear that Cuban is more than happy about his decisions in life and what the results of his work have allowed him to do.