‘The Morning Show’ Fans Are Positive There Will Be Emmy Nods—They Might Not Be for Who You Think

When Apple TV +’s flagship series dropped on Nov. 1, 2019, it received mixed reviews. Critics were quick to point out any small flaw they could find. However, fans continue to rave over Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell’s performances in the show. Let’s take a look at what fans are predicting for Emmy Nominations for The Morning Show. It might not be for who you think.

Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston
Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston | Apple TV +

Why are fans buzzing about the recent episode of ‘The Morning Show?’

Episode 8 of The Morning Show opened with a disclaimer about graphic content. It tackled the #MeToo movement in-depth, with a scene where the costar of the show, Mitch (Carell), takes advantage of an employee, Hannah (Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

When Hannah goes to Mitch’s superior, Fred Micklen (Tom Irwin), to report the sexual harassment in the workplace, Fred offers her a promotion.

“I was amazed by the performance in episode 8,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “[It was] so real and so shocking. I cannot wait for episode 9!”

How the show added in the Harvey Weinstein scandal right at the end as Hannah was trying to report the misconduct was disturbing and yet perfectly placed.

“This was a hard episode to watch,” added another fan. “But it was written and filmed to perfection.”

Most fan responses were very positive for episode eight of The Morning Show.

“I spy Emmy nods for this show and cast,” agreed another fan. “[I’m loving watching @themorningshow !”

Fans are sure that this one actor will receive a Primetime Emmy Nomination 

Although fans love Witherspoon, she is not the most talked-about star. A few other stars get more significant recognition from fans.

“Steve Carell nailed this performance as a sexual predator,” wrote one Reddit user. “There are so many men like him out there; he captured it perfectly. The character of Hannah, such a heartbreaking moment for her to realize she’d sold her soul to further her career.”

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The calm before the storm.  #TheMorningShow

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Fans cannot stop talking about how well Carell played the bad guy. 

“I missed Reese Witherspoon in this episode, but Steve Carell, I mean, he is definitely getting an Emmy.”

There is no doubt in many fans’ minds that Carell deserves an Emmy nomination for his performance in The Morning Show.

Fans believe this star deserves to receive a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress

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A conscience can be bought. #TheMorningShow

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Marcia Gay Harden has a recurring role in The Morning Show as a reporter, Maggie Brener. She is not on-screen often, but when she is, she makes an impression.

“She’s fantastic in this show,” wrote one Instagram user about Maggie. “She will win a guest Emmy next year, mark my words.”

Many fans agreed with the Instagram comment and chimed in.

“She is absolutely brilliant on this show,” added another Instagram user.

This big-name star will also get recognition according to fans

“Jennifer Aniston’s performance is incredible,” added another fan of the show. “That fight in her daughter’s dorm room? Now that was a meaty scene. You guys are killing it. Can’t wait for more.”

In the eighth episode of the series, Aniston’s character, Alex Levy, goes to her daughter’s dorm room to apologize for upsetting her. However, when the teenager gives her attitude, Alex gets real and honest with her. 

“I swear, Jen gets better and better with each episode, and I didn’t think that was possible,” commented one fan. “The scene with Lily in the dorm room?! That was spectacular!”

Many fans commented regarding how much they loved the interaction between Alex and her daughter. 

“Jenn better get her Emmy next year,” wrote one fan. “The monologue she fiercely gave in her daughter’s room is almost an Oscar clip!!! Her best role yet!”

It looks like fans are hoping that Carell, Aniston, and Harden all receive Primetime Emmy Nominations in 2020. To watch The Morning Show, download the Apple TV+ app and purchase a $4.99 monthly subscription.