The Most Anti-Climatic Deaths in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

A strong argument can be made that Game of Thrones Season 8 should have had more episodes to expand the character development (and deaths). So much has happened so fast, many fans are starting to fault the logic of the show.

Having logic ruined in such a smart and deeply layered show can obviously be discouraging. One of those aspects is the anti-climatic death count we’ve seen occur in quick succession within just five episodes.

While Game of Thrones still offers movie-quality production values, it’s worth going back and catching our breath at the strange deaths we’ve seen happen so far at almost lightning pace.

The most puzzling death in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

It took a little time for the death count to go up on Game of Thrones this season. No doubt the producers intended to build into a slow frenzy, which they did well. The first two episodes only had some minor deaths before all hell broke loose when the Battle of Winterfell episode hit.

If you have to break down which death had the most surprise or lack of logic, it would have to be the Night King himself. Very few guessed the Night King would be felled by none other than Arya Stark. Even if some predicted she might play an important role in later events, it made everyone blink a few times realizing the Night King was done away with so easily.

Part of the problem was the power the Night King had, despite being susceptible to any Valyrian steel blade. Arya was only able to kill him because the King seemed to make a brief tactical flaw in his kills.

For many, this death occurring so fast seemed intentional just to throw everyone into a stupor. The arguments are still on whether this was pure brilliance in the writing approach or far too anti-climactic for its own good.

Rhaegal’s death

Seeing some of Daenarys’ beloved dragons die was inevitable, but a lot of us didn’t think they’d be able to die so easily. Rhaegal was killed by arrows shot by Euron Greyjoy, creating another shocking death nobody thought could realistically occur. Obviously Game of Thrones wants those seemingly impossible to kill to suddenly meet a gruesome end. Having this set up for Season 8, however, makes it a little bit too easy to guess who might die next.

The ones remaining with seemingly 18 lives may finally meet an illogical (or maybe more ironic) demise in the final episode. For some, this may mean either Arya or Tyrion biting the dust.

The mass deaths of warriors

After the Battle of Winterfell, the death count was already high. Having the Golden Company die in one swoop from Drogon’s dragon fire seemed overly calculated to present intense hellfire as an appeasement to impatient fans.

Despite viewers understanding that Dany is turning into a crazy killing machine, having her make so many impulsive kills so fast wouldn’t have even occurred in ancient Britain.

We still have to realize the limitations of TV doesn’t allow a war to slowly unfold over 32 years like The War of the Roses did. Let’s also admit wiping out an entire army in one swoop seems impossible with the survival temperament of these characters.

The deaths of Cersei and Jaime

For the most part, we thought Cersei was virtually untouchable due to her strategic abilities in always being ahead of everyone else. Most fans wanted to see Jaime kill Cersei rather than having him die with her in the collapsing dungeons of King’s Landing.

Having them die in almost a Shakespearean romantic/tragedy way didn’t really settle well with everyone. Outside of this setting up a final battle with just a few of the surviving main characters, having Cersei live to the final episode would have been more up every fan’s alley.

One thing we can say is Lena Headey might have won herself an Emmy nomination for having the show’s most emotional death scene ever witnessed to date.

Unless deaths in the final episode end up being just as tragic, if hopefully making real-world sense.