The Most Controversial Things Jenelle Evans Has Ever Done (So Far)

When it comes to controversy, Jenelle Evans is the reigning queen. Try as they might, the Kardashians and the hosts of The View just can’t compete with the amount and level of controversy Evans manages to stir up on a regular basis. Her recent trouble with the court systems is just the latest in a long list of scandals the Teen Mom 2 star has been involved in — and the latest development is a doozy. Here’s a look at some of the most controversial things Evans has done (so far).

Jenelle Evans did drugs while pregnant

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

The reality star’s troubles with drugs started when she was a teenager. In 2010, Evans was charged with possession of marijuana. As a result, Evans received 12 months of probation. The following year, the teen mom once again faced drug charges, this time for testing positive for marijuana and opioids.

By 2013, Evans had added several more drug charges to her record, racking up 10 arrests in three years. Though, not all for drugs — more on that later. Sadly, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Evans revealed that she received a visit from CPS after giving birth to her third child, Ensley. The reality star revealed that she had tested positive for THC (Ensley did not) and that she told CPS that she had used marijuana to help with esophageal spasms.

Jenelle Evans has been in quite a few fights

Back to those other arrests we mentioned earlier, Evans has had several run-ins with the law because of her temper. Shortly after her first drug charge, the reality star was arrested for assault. Evans was caught on camera punching her former best friend in the face after she caught her flirting with her boyfriend. Another arrest followed less than a week later, again for assault.

Despite her arrests, Evans didn’t appear to learn her lesson. Her subsequent offenses included throwing a glass at her ex’s new girlfriend and numerous physical altercations with her boyfriends. A recent fight with her current husband, David Eason led to a 911 call last year

Jenelle Evans has made some seriously stupid choices when it comes to guns

You would think that Evans’ record would prevent her from having a gun, but as it turns out, the reality star has made more than one poor choice when it comes to guns. In February 2018, Eason posted a picture of his wife holding an AR-15, captioning the photo: “My babes a bad ass babe! Happy Valentine’s day! # targetpractice # valentinesday.” The problem with this photo is that it was posted within hours of the Parkland High School shooting where 17 students had been murdered. Fans were outraged at the couple’s insensitive post. 

But this wouldn’t be the last time Evans found controversy surrounding a firearm. Just two months after the ill-advised Instagram photo, the star was caught on camera pulling a gun on a man who had cut her off in traffic. This happened while her 8-year-old son sat beside her. 

Jenelle Evans’ saga about her puppy

When it comes to scandals, the current events revolving around the death of Evans and Eason’s dog Nugget tops the cake. In May, sources reported that Eason had killed the family dog Nugget after he had been aggressive with the couple’s young daughter. Eason defended his actions, citing his need to protect his daughter. 

Following the death of Nugget, Evans stuck with Eason, ultimately being fired by MTV and temporarily losing custody of all her children. Evans has since regained custody of her children and new reports allege that the couple made up the whole story for publicity. Evans denies these claims but now says that she never told the police that Eason shot the dog. Adding onto the controversy, the two former reality stars recently adopted two new puppies.