The Worst Movies to Ever Come Out of Hollywood

It’s not often that a film comes along that earns such a universally negative response that it becomes known for just how terrible it truly is. When this happens, the movie lives on through jokes made about its poor quality, providing a warning for future potential box office bombs.

Some of these movies got a Razzie Award for their terrible quality. Others actually got nominated and awarded an Academy Award, before the majority of movie-goers turned on them. All of these films are pretty tough to sit through, but which movies are the most hated of all time? We reluctantly take a look at the most hated movies of all time from least to most hated.

25. Crash (2004)

Christine crying in Officer Ryan's arms in Crash

Crash | Lions Gate Films

The drama showed multiple people’s lives as they connected while telling stories about loss and race. The movie actually won three Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Writing, and Best Film Editing. However, many moviegoers have said the movie is undeserving of the awards unlike fellow nominee, Brokeback Mountain. They also criticized the way the movie depicted race.

Addressing this claim, the writer, Paul Haggis said, “I was obviously creating a fable. That’s obvious. This was never supposed to be a realistic film. Secondly, I designed it so that for the first 20 minutes, I presented stereotypes. I did that on purpose.”

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