The Most Humiliating Things Piers Morgan Has Ever Said to Meghan Markle and Other Celebrities

Piers Morgan is a British TV personality who is known for generating controversies with his words. Throughout the years, Morgan has made many comments about various celebrities that do not sit well with the general public.

Piers Morgan attends the National Television Awards.
Piers Morgan | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

It’s clear that Morgan uses this tactic to get his name in headlines and stay relevant, and it actually works. Some find Morgan’s words to be mean-spirited and borderline bullying, while others agree with him and say he says it how it is.

While Morgan doesn’t hesitate to share his two cents on anyone or anything, certain celebs receive more hate than others from the Brit. These include Meghan Markle, Little Mix, the Kardashians, and Lady Gaga. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see some of the harshest things Morgan has ever said to these celebrities.

Meghan Markle

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These days, Morgan causes a lot of buzz just for talking about the Duchess of Sussex. It has reportedly been said that he dislikes Duchess Meghan because she turned him down before dating Prince Harry. But whether that is true or not, one thing is for sure: Morgan is Markle’s biggest critic.

Morgan often calls Markle a “social climber.” Back in 2018, he said this about Markle: “Anyone or anything that may not give her what she wants or gets in the way of her social climbing self-advancement gets discarded.”

More recently, Markle was awarded the top social climber award by Tatler. Morgan congratulated her, saying: “She’s worked very hard for that honour and I congratulate her… Great social climbing. The climbing littered with the carcasses of those who once knew you, littered around.”

Little Mix

Last year, Morgan came for British girl band Little Mix after they posted a promotional artwork that featured the singers nude with harsh words covering various parts of their bodies. Morgan called Little Mix out for “stealing” the concept from the Dixie Chicks.

Later on, he also commented on a picture of member Jesy Nelson in her underwear, saying: “She looks ridiculous. Ask her to put some clothes on (if she has any…) & apologise for calling me a tw*t.”

He commented later: “They’re stripping off to sell albums. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s not about feminist empowerment, it’s about ‘Let’s all get naked, everyone will run the pictures, we’ll sell more records’. That’s it. The rest of it is baloney.”

Ariana Grande got involved and came to Little Mix’s defense. “Women can be sexual and talented,” she tweeted at Morgan. “Naked and Dignified. It’s our choice. And we will keep fighting (until) people understand.”

The Kardashians

Another group of celebrities whose bodies Morgan has a problem with is the Kardashian family. He has slammed them many times whenever they wear outfits that are too revealing for his taste.

For example, earlier this year, Kim Kardashian was seen in a tight black dress that only had two strips covering her chest. Morgan tweeted: “Imagine looking in a mirror & thinking: ‘Yep, that’s classy.'”

After the Met Gala, he also had not-so-kind words to say about Kardashian’s famous outfit to the event.

“I think it’s pathetic,” he said. “If I was in a room with Kim now, I’d say, ‘Put it all away, you’re a mum to three kids – it’s embarrassing.’ Imagine being a mum and thinking, ‘Ooh I must show my breasts and flash my bottom on social media’. So embarrassing – have some social decorum!”

Lady Gaga

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In 2016, Morgan attacked Lady Gaga when the singer revealed that she suffered from PTSD after she was raped at 19 years old. Morgan dismissed Lady Gaga’s claim that she had PTSD, tweeting: “No, soldiers returning from battlefields do. Enough of this vain-glorious nonsense… I come from a big military family. It angers me when celebrities start claiming ‘PTSD’ about everything to promote themselves.”

Lady Gaga responded and invited him to have an interview with her about mental health, though said interview never ended up happening.

However, in 2018, Morgan ended up sharing that he regretted his words to Lady Gaga. After he made those tweets, followers shared with Morgan that they suffered from PTSD following other traumatic events like car crashes. This made Morgan realized that he was in the wrong, and he soon learned that “you can have [PTSD] in other forms.”