The Most Popular Fan Theory for How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ends Will Break Your Heart

Grey’s Anatomy has been captivating audiences all over the country since 2005. This long-running medical drama series has made us laugh and cry as we watched a group of fictional doctors battle some of life’s most dramatic scenarios, including heartbreaking death, nail-biting close calls, and tear-inducing romances.

This show has become one of the most popular drama series of our time. Even though it has been on the air for over a decade, Dr. Meredith Grey and her staff don’t look like they are going to close the curtain on this show anytime soon.

But just because fans don’t know when the show is going to end has not stopped them from making plenty of predictions of what will go down on during the series finale. 

Keep reading if you are curious to find some of the most popular and heartbreaking predictions that the fans have about how Grey’s Anatomy will end.

Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo
Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Some of the most dramatic scenes from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ so far

Several characters on the show have gone through their fair share of drama. But none of them have gone through the amount of trauma that Meredith Grey’s character has had to endure. 

In season three, we sadly watched Meredith’s mother, Ellis, battle Alzheimer’s disease. We then sat on the edge of our seats as we watched Derek and Christina work hard to bring Meredith back to life after she was involved in a drowning accident.

The entire country seemed to take a collective sigh of relief when Meredith’s heart started to beat again, but it was quickly replaced with sadness when we would soon find out that her mother had lost her battle with Alzheimer’s.

About eight seasons later, tragedy struck Dr. Grey again when her husband, Derek Shepherd (“McDreamy”), was involved in a fatal car crash that left him brain dead.

Meredith had to make the gut-wrenching decision to take him off of life support. Right before the nurse started to remove the tube from Derek’s mouth, Dr. Grey had whispered in his ear, “Derek, it’s okay. You go, we’ll be fine.”

But it turns out that Meredith is a bit of a liar because we were not fine. We may never be fine again.

What is the most popular series finale prediction?

According to Elite Daily, many fans have been talking in Reddit and have been coming up with possible endings for the hit drama show. While there are several different predictions, one of the most popular theories is that Meredith will face the same fate as her mother and will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease on the last episode of the series.

Due to the fact that it was confirmed in Season 9 that Meredith does have some of the genetic markers that suggest she could one day have Alzheimer’s, many fans feel like there is a good possibility that the good doctor will one day be diagnosed with the disease.

One Reddit user has come up with a way that this popular scenario can still have a happy ending. The user had said:

“Personally, I would love it to end with Meredith being older and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, [Zola] being a Neurosurgeon like Derek was, and finding the cure to the disease before her mom dies. I think that would be a happy ending. I just don’t want Meredith to die the same way her mom did. She doesn’t deserve that in my opinion.”

While it definitely seems possible that Zola will grow up and become a doctor, we will have to wait and see if she will become a neurosurgeon like her dad.

What are some other theories about the show’s ending?

Many other fans are hoping that the ending of Grey’s Anatomy leaves us on a much happier note. One user even hopes that at the end Meredith will awake from a deep sleep and reveal that Derek’s death was just a dream.

As of now, no one knows just how the show will end. However, one thing that we can be certain about is that the ending is sure to be one of the most compelling and must-watch moments in TV history.