The Movie to See This Week: ‘It Follows’

It’s been slim pickings at the movie theater these last few weeks following Oscar season, but things are finally starting to heat up. Here are our picks for the must-see films of the weekend.

1. It Follows

There’s one movie the Internet has been buzzing about over the last couple weeks, and it’s the uniquely terrifying horror thriller It Follows, from relative newcomer to the genre David Robert Mitchell. The film itself follows the exploits of Jay, a girl who’s been cursed with a mysterious specter following a one-night stand with a stranger. It seems like a simple enough concept, but everything from the single-take shots, the creative camera work, and the subtle homages to the days of classic John Carpenter make it a movie that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a film critic that doesn’t love It Follows. AV Club gave it a solid “A” grade, while Rotten Tomatoes has it sitting pretty at a stellar 96% positive rating. Critical consensus dubs it as “smart, original, and above all terrifying,” making it a film that isn’t simply a rehash of the same old scares of the last decade. In a genre that’s struggled in recent years, it’s a movie that refreshingly breaks the mold as a rare must-see modern horror movie.

2. Last Knights

Our second selection this week is less in the “potentially classic cinema” category, and more in the “shameless popcorn flick” realm. Last Knights carries with it plenty of star power with Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s anything more than what it is. Early reviews aren’t positive (or numerous), with Rotten Tomatoes starting it out at a 0% positive rating out of 7 critics before its wide release.

But hey, we don’t have the new Avengers yet, and Star Wars is months away into the distant future. So why not sit back and enjoy watching Owen and Freeman do battle in hyper-choreographed sword fights set in what appears to be an alternate medieval society? Even if Last Knights lacks substance, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a little bit in a CGI-laden action movie that you can forget about the second you leave the theater.

3. 5 to 7

Our choices this week are nothing if not diverse, spanning from horror, to fantasy, to French romance. 5 to 7 falls into that last column, as a movie observing the nature of modern relationships. The basic premise follows Anton Yelchin as he becomes the side piece for a married French woman played by Skyfall alum Bérénice Marlohe. Marlohe’s character is part of an open marriage, where both she and her husband agree that they can take on a mister/mistress between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. (basically the most French indie film marriage you can possibly imagine).

Early reports on Rotten Tomatoes have it at an 83% positive rating, so this one definitely falls more in the “go to the theater to think about life” sort of motif. With this, Last Knights, and It Follows, you have all the makings for a diverse walk though just about every corner of cinema, making it easy to see a little of everything.

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