The Staggering Net Worth of the Richest TV Hosts in America, Revealed

Talk shows have been part of American culture since The Tonight Show started broadcasting back in the ’50s. Ever since then, we’ve kicked up our feet and enjoyed the often hilarious entertainment. Television talk shows have evolved from late-night entertainment to hit shows airing in the morning and afternoon, and viewers love every bit of it.

The most successful TV and talk show hosts have leveraged their entertaining and comedic personalities into huge network ratings, endorsement and book deals and, ultimately, large paychecks. In fact, you won’t believe how much some of the wealthiest TV personalities have deposited into the bank, like the richest TV host who is worth $3 billion.

15. Seth Meyers, $10 million

Seth Meyers

The Saturday Night Live alum is earning big for his talk show. | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Securing his place on Saturday Night Live back in 2001, Seth Meyers has had us all belly laughing ever since. Meyers’ career as a writer, comedian, and TV personality secured his position as head writer of SNL, and also landed him as host of NBC’s Late Night. Meyers’ earns $3 million annually for hosting Late Night.

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