The New ‘Basketball Wives’ Franchise Will Be in This City

Basketball Wives has been giving us drama and exposing us to the sister circles and lavish lifestyle of the significant others of NBA players for almost a decade. The show has been filmed in various cities and catapulted many of its cast to reality television superstardom. Cast members like Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman have had their own shows outside of the series, as well as other successful business ventures.

Basketball Wives cast
Basketball Wives cast 2019 | Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Now entering into its 9th season, the executive producer of the show, Shaunie O’Neal, is said to be introducing a new cast in a new city. Fans are eager to find out where the next Basketball Wives franchise is headed.

What ‘Basketball Wives’ franchises are there?

Basketball Wives made its debut in 2010 in Miami. The original season featured the wives, girlfriends, and exes of professional athletes in the NBA. Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Suzie Ketcham, Royce Reed, and sisters – Gloria and Laura Govan – were the primary cast members of the inaugural season. 

Basketball Wives Miami
Basketball Wives Miami Season 2 cast 2010 | Eduardo Parra/WireImage)

Due to a rift in the relationship between O’Neal and the Govan sisters, the two were replaced by Tami Roman in season 2. The Govan sisters lived in Los Angeles and had developed their own fanbase, leaving O’Neal to create a separate Basketball Wives franchise in LA. Along with the Govan sisters, Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christi were the main cast members of the LA franchise, which debuted in 2011.

Basketball Wives LA
Basketball Wives LA Season 1 cast 2011

With an ever-changing cast on both franchises, the two began to overlap. The Miami cast began to film primarily in LA after the Miami franchise came to an end following the departures of Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. 

‘Basketball Wives’ was set to film in Houston, Texas

After the success of the Miami and LA franchises, O’Neal looked to expand the brand. Beginning at the end of season 3 and during seasons 4 and 5 of the Miami franchise, the cast filmed often in New York, with cast members Jennifer Williams, Meeka Claxton and Evelyn Lozada splitting their time between Miami and New York. Things didn’t pan out and New York was taken off the table.

At one point, O’Neal discussed creating a Basketball Wives stage play and was filmed speaking with producers and attending casting calls. That dream did not come to fruition either.  The show continued to film primarily in Miami and Los Angeles before merging the two casts in season 7. 

Tami Roman Shaunie O'Neal
Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal 2011 | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman eventually moved to Houston to live with her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood. She began filming less and with O’Neal not wanting to lose Roman as a cast member, Roman brought the idea of Basketball Wives Houston to O’Neal’s attention. Roman put the cast together after living in Houston for some time. It’s speculated if the show was picked up, Roman would have been due a producer credit. With that in mind, the idea for Houston seemingly disappeared. 

‘Basketball Wives’ is coming to Dallas, Texas

Basketball Wives may not be taking place in H-Town but it’s still coming to the Dirty South. theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported on September 28 that Basketball Wives Dallas is coming to a television screen near you. 

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BASKETBALL WIVES DALLAS?! Just as the current season of Basketball Wives is wrapping up comes news of the show’s first spin-off in eight years. According to multiple sources, Basketball Wives Dallas has been greenlight by VH1 and is now casting, with an eye toward starting filming before the end of the year. The news is something of a surprise, given that Basketball Wives Season 8 pulled in the lowest ratings in franchise history. However, as we just reported, VH1 has apparently renewed the show for its ninth season — it seems the ratings picked up just enough as the season went on for the network to feel comfortable with another round. The Jasmine Brand was the first to report the Basketball Wives Dallas tea. As is often the case with very early gossip about new shows, there isn’t a whole lot of detail just yet. According to their article, “casting for the possible new spinoff is underway,” with Shaunie O’Neal set to retain her executive producer credit for the new series. TJB also pointed out that it was about four years ago when Shaunie said she was working on a spinoff to be set in Houston. However, since it was Tami Roman who “put the cast together and brought it to” Shaunie, Tami would have been due a producer credit had that show gotten picked up. Four years later, it seems Shaunie decided to jump on I-45 and head to Dallas, instead. (Is anyone else feeling bad for Houston right now? Between this and the failed Love & Hip Hop Houston pilot, the city can’t catch a break from VH1.) If Basketball Wives Dallas makes it to air, it will represent the franchise’s third city. The first Basketball Wives debuted in Miami in April of 2010; following its success, Basketball Wives LA premiered in August of the following year. The two shows ran concurrently until 2013, when Basketball Wives was canceled. Filming for Basketball Wives Dallas is expected to begin in autumn 2019, to coincide with the start of the NBA season.

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The Dallas news comes four years after Shaunie O’Neal told theJasmineBRAND that she was in talks of bringing the show to Houston. With The Dallas Mavericks NBA team, there are plenty of options for casting. 

Starcasm reports that Basketball Wives Dallas has officially been greenlighted by VH1 and is now in the casting process. Production hopes to begin filming before the end of the year for a Spring 2020 debut.