The New Season of ‘OutDaughtered’ Is Premiering Sooner Than Expected

TLC follows plenty of unusual families, and the Busbys from OutDaughtered are certainly among them. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. Since they also have their older daughter, Blayke, this means they have six little girls under the age of 9 running around. That’s certainly a lot for any set of parents to handle.

Despite their parenting struggles and undoubtedly hectic schedules, Adam and Danielle keep proving their true modern-day superheroes. And while the most recent season of OutDaughtered recently ended, it seems we’ll be watching the Busbys again on our screens sooner than expected. Here’s when they’ll be back on TV and what lingering questions we hope will be answered.

The last season of OutDaughtered left off with tension between Adam and Danielle

Adam and Danielle Busby have an unbreakable bond, and through all of the seasons of OutDaughtered, viewers rarely see them fight. Even so, the latest season of the show left off with the two on shaky ground. In Touch Weekly reminds us Adam was given a job offer that seemingly paid quite a bit more than his current position, but it involved a move to Dallas. Danielle made it clear she didn’t want to move, so Adam honored that and instead took a different work opportunity that didn’t involve relocation. Unfortunately, Danielle was still unhappy with this, as Adam didn’t consult her first.

Fans had varying responses to this tumultuous time for the couple. “Your husband accepted a good job to better you and your kids why are you angry? I’m away from my husband for months at a time with him being military and you’re upset he might have to leave for 2 times a month [sic],” a fan commented. And others seemed to think TLC had an agenda to cause a rift between Adam and Danielle. The good news is that the couple is seemingly still doing well months after the job debacle.

The fate of their moldy home is still up in the air, too

Not only did Adam and Danielle have some tense conversations around the job drama, but the issues with their home are still up in the air, too. We saw the Busbys discover a tremendous mold issue in their home this season, and it resulted in them having to evacuate immediately and move into a rental home for at least six months. While the family had high hopes of getting their old home fixed and returning, it seems the fate of that house is still uncertain.

Danielle even recently spoke to Good Housekeeping about the mold, too. “We’re still living the life of the molded home and still in transition of whatever that means, and we still have not settled on what’s happening with our old home and where we’re living now,” she told the publication. And while Danielle noted she loves certain features of their rental home, like the pool and large outside space, she definitely misses being in the house the kids grew up in. We’ll have to stay tuned for the next season to hear about any news regarding this situation.

When does the new season begin?

So, when will we get to see Blayke, the Busby quints, Adam, and Danielle again? According to this Instagram post posted by the couple, the new season of OutDaughtered returns this October. “Thank you all for the great season. This was one of our favorite yet. We love how the girls personalities are really starting to shine as they are growing older. Thankfully we won’t have a super long break like last time. Look for the new season of @outdaughteredOutdaughtered coming this October!” they captioned the post.

Until the fall, fans can keep up with the Busbys via social media. Adam and Danielle both have separate Instagram accounts as well as one together. And the OutDaughtered Instagram is frequently posting adorable clips of the kids from the show.

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