The New ‘The Twilight Zone’ Cast

With Jordan Peele set to produce and host the new CBS All Access series The Twilight Zone, expectations for the sci-fi series are exceedingly high. As the mastermind behind Get Out, Peele has gone from Comedy Central alumn to serious film-maker virtually overnight.

Jordan Peele
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Get Out was hailed by critics and audiences alike as a masterful horror seamlessly infused with cultural critiques. With Get Out, Jordan Peele asked viewers to contemplate contemporary society while utterly terrifying them, and sometimes even making them laugh.

Get Out, currently boasting an impressive 98% on rotten tomatoes, argues that Peele is the perfect pick for The Twilight Zone revamp. Both earlier TV versions of The Twilight Zone (1950s and 1980s) interwove elements of suspense and comedy to tell a different tale every episode. The episodes usually ended with a twist and forced the viewer to think about aspects of life we often never evaluate.

After Get Out, it’s no surprise that Jordan Peele would choose such a venture; it fits with his current cinematic trend; however, who else is set to appear in the show?

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Big names set to join ‘The Twilight Zone’ revamp

Given that ‘The Twilight Zone’ operates on suspense, it’s no surprise that plot points for the varying episodes have been kept under wraps; however, we do know a few names set to star in the show’s premiere season.

According to TV Guide, Adam Scott will appear in an episode titled “Nightmare at 30,000 feet.” This probably has something to do with flying, and will likely mirror the former “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” from the ’80s series.

Adam Scott, most known for his roles in Parks and Recreation and Step Brothers, recently appeared in the 2017 HBO series Big Little Lies. Given that Scott has established himself as a comedic actor, this episode will hopefully combine elements of horror and comedy to create that uncomfortable laughter Peele so gracefully induces.

Sanaa Lathan, star of Shots Fired and Love and Basketball, will appear in an episode called “Rewind,” according to TV Guide. Maybe the alleged Beyonce biter will rewind to a time before she bit Queen B.

Also said to make appearances on the show are Taissa Farmiga, Jacob Tremblay, and John Cho, all of whom have vast experience in the horror and suspense realms.

Taissa Farmiga, widely recognized for her leading roles in several American Horror Story seasons, recently appeared as the title character in The Nun (2018).

Jacob Tremblay, the Oscar-nominated boy from Room, recently starred in Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. And though most recognized for his role in Harold and Kumar, John Cho is still receiving critical acclaim for his portrayal of David Kim in the hit suspense thriller Searching.

When will ‘The Twilight Zone’ premiere?

‘The Twilight Zone’ is set to premiere April 11. Streaming on CBS All Access, new episodes will be available on demand every Thursday, according to TV Guide. If you’re interested in watching the show, make sure to sign up for CBS All Access beforehand.

‘The Twilight Zone,’ like the series before it, will analyze today’s issues. From politics to social media, the show will be a sci-fi, comedic, and horror-filled exploration of what it means to live in this modern world.

Peele told TV Guide, “Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences.” With fans of the original anticipating the revamp, and younger Peele followers excited to see his vision come to life, April can’t come soon enough.