The No. 1 Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told By Reality TV

We all know reality TV doesn’t exactly reflect reality, but this doesn’t stop us from getting sucked in. From Fixer Upper to The Bachelor, our favorite shows have one goal: to entertain. However, how far do reality TV producers go to get viewers? These are reality TV’s biggest lies, including the people who actually control who gets eliminated on shows like American Idol and The Bachelor (page 10).

15. The weirder, the better

The cast of 'Jersey Shore' in a promo image.

The cast of The Jersey Shore made producers a ton of money. | MTV

Nobody wants to watch normal, everyday people on reality TV. If someone has a super unique trait or personality, producers know viewers will feed into it.

“We look for people who have really interesting stories to tell who won’t shut down on camera, who are outgoing, dynamic personalities, or willing to expose themselves a little bit, for lack of a better term,” an anonymous producer told The Providence Journal.

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