‘The Office’ Christmas Episode Guide

The Office is, without a doubt, one of our favorite television shows to binge watch on Netflix. And, in its nine seasons, the NBC comedy aired seven Christmas episodes for our viewing pleasure (one season aired in the spring and the other was interrupted during the holidays due too a writer’s strike). Looking to watch all The Office Christmas episodes in order? Find out how, ahead.

The Office

‘The Office’ had seven Christmas episodes. | NBC

‘The Office’ Christmas episode guide

This Christmas, celebrate the season with Pam, Dwight, Jim, Michael, and the rest of your favorites from The Office. We’ve broken down every The Office Christmas episode in our official guide, below.

Season 2: ‘Christmas Party’

The Office season 2 marks the television series’ first-ever Christmas episode. In the episode, Michael ignores the Secret Santa limit (which was $20) and instead buys Ryan an iPod (what a nice co-worker!). He is, of course, upset when he receives a homemade oven mitt and requests a gift-trading game.

Season 3: ‘Benihana Christmas’

The Office Christmas episode on season 3 is all about making Michael smile after Carol breaks up with him. In an effort to cheer him up Dwight, Andy, and Jim decide to take Michael to what they call “Japanese Hooters.” While all that is going down, the party-planning committee is having a hard time keeping themselves in check and Pam and Karen end up planning a rival party against Angela.

Season 5: ‘Moroccan Christmas’

This one is both the best and worst The Office Christmas episode. From the start of the episode, everything is a mess. It kicks off with Dwight at a wrapping-paper desk, then goes into Meredith’s drinking problem. Dwight buys hundreds of dolls and resells them for $200 each and Phyllis rats out Angela, who is cheating on Andy with Dwight. It’s not quite the Christmas celebration we imagined, but isn’t that how it always goes?

Season 6: ‘Secret Santa’

The Office season 6 Christmas episode is not exactly festive, but it does have a truly hilarious moment between Michael and Phyllis. After he gets mad over Phyllis dressing up as Santa Claus, Michael kicks things up a notch and turns his jacket inside out, claiming to be Jesus instead. He then claims Jesus can “heal leopards.”

Season 7: ‘Classy Christmas’

This The Office Christmas episode did not disappoint in holiday cheer. In the season 7 episode, Dwight harasses Jim with snowballs and Jim and Pam gift each other meaningful holiday presents. Daryl also hosts his daughter and Michael and Holly have a little reunion, after she was transferred back to Scranton.

Season 8: ‘Christmas Wishes’

Another no-so-festive The Office Christmas episode. In this episode, a drunk Erin is very jealous of Andy’s new girlfriend and Jim and Dwight pull some pranks and try to frame each other.

Season 9: ‘Dwight Christmas’

Christmas did not go out with a bang in the final season of The Office. In season 9’s Dwight Christmas episode, Dwight portrays German Santa Claus after the party planning committee doesn’t plan a Christmas party (at least someone had the holiday spirit!). Pete also teaches Erin about Die Hard (and forces her to sit down and watch it).

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