‘The Office’: Fans Spot the Clever Knod ‘Community’ Gave to ‘Scott’s Tots’ Episode

The television sitcom The Office often cashes in on uncomfortable humor. Fans adore the painfully relatable characters and the consistently funny storylines. In the ‘Scott’s Tots’ episode of The Office, an entire classroom of high school seniors receives the devastating news that the full scholarship they were expecting has been revoked. Luckily for one of Scott’s Tots that doesn’t seem to be the end of her story. 

‘The Office’ takes place in Scranton, PA

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The series is filmed and shown as though it were a real documentary, with one camera following around the employees of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The characters have amassed a cult-like following of fans who are drawn to the relatable, if not a little awkward, scenarios they face, and also the dead-pan humor.

Over the course of nine seasons, the characters of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin overcome all kinds of office and relationship-based issues which are cringe-worthy and even uncomfortable for fans to watch. This discomfort is likely due to the docu-style, one camera filming techniques which allow characters to look directly into the camera, and seemingly into the eyes of viewers.

Michael Scott promised to pay college tuition for an entire classroom of kids

Perhaps the most cringe-worthy moment comes to viewers in season six. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) has to tell an entire class of graduating seniors some disappointing news. Ten years earlier, an overly ambitious Michael had promised an entire classroom of third-graders that if they graduated from high school he would pay their college tuition. Now, having not earned the massive wealth he had hoped, he has to go back on his word. Amidst chants of praise and applause Michael admits to the kids he does not have the money to pay for their tuition.

Office fans won’t even watch the ‘Scott’s Tots’ episode

Steve Carell as Michael Scott on The Office
Steve Carell as Michael Scott on ‘The Office’ | Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank

If you’re the kind of person who would like watching a taxidermist or perhaps would enjoy watching someone removing a splinter from the hand of a small child, then this episode is for you. But, for most fans of The Office, ‘Scott’s Tots’ is the one episode they cannot sit through. Most of us have the same reaction as Pam when they realize what is about to unfold. Pam soberly informs Michael that he has done a “terrible, terrible thing.”

While most of The Office is highly relatable, and its scenarios point a humorous finger at some of our most human mistakes, there is something about this episode that causes people to skip over it if at all possible. This is particularly astounding considering fans of The Office binge-watch the series over and over again.

Bustle tells us that this episode may have some scientific reason which makes it so unwatchable. To begin with, our body’s chemical reaction, which we feel when the anxiety peaks, goes into overdrive when we realize what Michael is about to do. The build-up of this tension, and the fact that viewers have grown to like Michael over the course of 6 seasons, adds to our feelings of empathy for him as we watch. 

Since we feel bad for both Michael and the students, this episode is particularly hard on the viewers. 

But, one of Scott’s Tots was spotted on ‘Community’

Eagle-eyed Office fans spotted one of Scott’s Tots on an episode of Community. In fact, there is a whole Reddit thread devoted to the idea that this young woman attending Greendale in Community is the same high school senior who was disappointed by Michael Scott.

Fans celebrate the idea that she has finally made it to college despite being let down financially on The Office.  Various theories offered up by fans list the idea that she has made it to Greendale in order to be closer to Michael Scott and thus be able to enact a revenge plot, but most fans are just happy to see she’s made it to college. No thanks to Michael Scott.