‘The Office’ Inspired Restaurant Allows You To Have a ‘Dwight’ Sandwich, Beets and All

The Office nostalgia runs deep as the show continues to be extremely popular to both old and new fans. Although the show ended on NBC in 2013, Netflix is keeping the series alive, which often pops up as trending on the streaming site.

Why does the show continue to resonate with viewers? One reason is the love story between Jim and Pam, E News reports. Also, anyone who has experienced an office or even a school setting can relate to the comedic situations revealed during just about every episode.

Ellie Kemper, Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey |Getty Images

Most importantly, fans can identify with the characters on the show. Many folks have either encountered a Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute in their life. Although the show is over and only lives in rerun-land, fans have ample opportunities to celebrate all things from The Office. Even through a culinary experience.

Take a road trip to ‘The Office’

Roadtrippers allows you to take your own trip to all things The Office with this handy guide and map around Scranton, PA. The company identified a few sites where Michael Scott and the gang hung out or had it out. This includes Lake Scranton and Cooper’s Seafood where Michael and Holly endure a highly uncomfortable date.

While you can hit some of the various destinations on the show, you can’t tour Dunder Mifflin or Vance Refrigeration, according to Mental Floss. Slough Avenue, where the office was supposed to exist is fictitious.

Stuff your face with a ‘Kevin’ sandwich

If you happen to be in Utica, New York you can actually “taste” The Office. The gastropub, Woodland Farm Brewery, offers a full menu of Office inspired sandwiches and salads (for Angela, of course). Utica was, of course, one of Dunder Mifflin’s branches.

That’s right, this restaurant is (quietly) all The Office. Each sandwich or salad is aptly and thoughtfully named. For instance, a Robert California features vegetarian fare, which includes tomatoes, mozarella and a balsamic drizzle.

Other amazing sandwiches include the Kevin that features waffle bread, The Jim with steak and of course The Dwight is a beet sandwich.

Fans wondered how ‘The Jim’ isn’t a tuna sandwich

Fans had a good point when they pondered how The Jim isn’t just an obvious, (thank you Andy Bernard) tuna sandwich. Another noted that The Jim should be a ham and cheese, then went onto quote the scene where Jim orders a ham and cheese.

Another missed opportunity was Kevin’s infamous chili. Hardcore fans were also critical of the overall effort. However, one fan wrote, “There a few good ones, like the Angela being all vegetarian, and the Robert California having the basil pesto. So I don’t think it entirely pandering.”

Overall the restaurant gets a respectable 4.5 stars on Yelp. Diners raved about both the food and cocktails. The beer especially seems to be noteworthy too.

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