‘The Office’: This Character Had Even Better Reactions Than Jim Halpert, Show Editor Reveals

Jim Halpert showed off some legendary reactions on The Office, the stuff memes are made of. Surprisingly, one of the editors of The Office said there was one actor who gave the best reaction shots for the show — and it wasn’t John Krasinski.

Cast of 'The Office'
Cast of ‘The Office’ | Byron Cohen/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Who had the best reactions on ‘The Office’?

Jim Halpert always delivered the perfect reaction to the documentary crew filming the Dunder Mifflin office employees, but there were some other characters that also showed off hilarious eyerolls, smirks, and other reactions.

During the Sept. 16 Office Ladies podcast, hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted with one of the show’s editors, Dave Rogers, and asked which character’s reactions he liked to film the best.

A fan asked the Office Ladies if the editors “had any go-to cast members when you needed a reaction.”

The distinguished honor, it turns out, didn’t go to Krasinski — but rather Leslie David Baker, who played Stanley Hudson.

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Stanley came out on top for his hilarious reactions

Stanley might have been more of a background character in many episodes, but he knew how to deliver a hilarious reaction shot.

“I loved going to Leslie,” Rogers shared. “Any time I can get, you know, Stanley giving an eye roll. You know, that was always fantastic.”

Rogers also shared that they got some great reactions shots from Phyllis, Kevin, and Angela, adding, “I’m a fan” of the whole cast.

Rogers revealed a trick they used during filming The Office that helped with those reaction shots. “We would do this kind of thing that started — we wouldn’t do it too often at first — where somebody would say something and camera would push in a little. Then they’d say something again, the camera would push in a lot,” Rogers explained.

He recalled, specifically a scene with Kevin where the camera pushed in on what he was saying but he noticed that Angela was delivering a reaction that needed to be captured.

“I remember one time, Kevin was saying something… he said something offensive and the camera pushes in, but it like cropped Angela out. And I was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa.’ And luckily there was another take where it didn’t. And it’s like… you want to see Angela’s reaction. She’s standing there reacting. It wasn’t even so much of a payoff as a bonus,” Rogers said.

“Do you know what I mean? Like, his line was funny, but to see her actually cringe from it in real time, like… we don’t want to lose that kind of thing on the show,” he added.

Rogers said that when he saw that they almost missed out on Angela’s reaction, he brought it up with the camera crew. “A lot of times when you have two people on the same plane, we don’t want to lose, you know, what other people are doing, because reacting is acting. We’re getting some gold here,” he continued. ‘… He’s saying something funny, but her reaction is equally as funny, if not even funnier, and it enhances the whole scene.”

‘The Office’ editor shared some of the show’s challenges

Rogers also revealed that one of the most challenging parts of editing the show was “getting a lot of footage” because “the cameras aren’t static.”

“That was part of the joy of our show is that they would move around and find things and sometimes they would be intentionally late to really feel like they were working like a documentary,” he explained.

Rogers pointed to the chaos of the fire scene in the “Stress Relief” episode. “Just seeing all the stuff, all the action… just the pacing of it, that’s an exciting thing.”

He added, “The finale was tough to cut. There was so much pressure on the finale.”