‘The Office’: Was Dwight and Angela’s Relationship Toxic?

It’s been almost seven years since The Office first aired its final episode in 2013, and characters Dwight and Angela live on in our memories as a happily wedded couple.

But with the lying, cheating, and feline homicide that occurred, we still can’t help but ask, “Was Angela’s and Dwight ‘s relationship toxic?” Screen Rant finds that their relationship definitely contains some toxic elements.

Read on to find the events in the series which make us question whether Dwight and Angela’s toxic shenanigans would lead to a happy ever after in real life.

Dwight and Angela snuck around for years

Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute on The Office
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

As Screen Rant notes, Dwight and Angela hide their relationship from the rest of their co-workers since Season 2, even when there’s not an affair involved — which is pretty unhealthy. They then go to extremes for two more seasons to keep the relationship a secret.

Jim accidentally sees Dwight and Angela together in Season 2 the day she gifts him with a bobblehead toy. And later, a few characters come to learn about their relationship in Season 4.

Phyllis finds out about the relationship and uses her discovery to blackmail Angela; and Jim and Pam sneak off for a nap in the warehouse and overhear Dwight and Angela together — until the entire office finds out before Season Four is over.

Angela sees Dwight while deceiving Andy and the Senator

Dwight and Angela meet secretly while Angela is dating Dwight. In fact, at one point Dwight suggests that Angela and Andy get married on his farm. He has the barn decorated for the ceremony.

He then tricks Andy into signing a marriage certificate during the “rehearsal,” while he takes Andy’s place and exchanges vows with Angela. In reality, the minister, who speaks only German, performs the ceremony for real and actually marries Dwight and Angela under the false pretenses Dwight set up.

Later on, Angela and Dwight continue to see each other periodically during her courtship and marriage to State Senator Robert Lipton

The identity of Angela’s baby’s father

Eventually, Angela conceives a baby while she is dating a state senator. The huge baby is well over the expected age of the child, and his “Schrute” features let everyone know that Dwight is the father.

Even when Dwight takes a DNA test, a chance for Angela and Dwight to come clean about the child’s father and their whole affair, Angela fails to come clean.

It’s suspected that she substitutes a DNA sample from the diaper of Pam’s baby for a sample from her child, assuring the results will show that Dwight is not the father. Near the end of Season Nine, however, Angela finally admits to Dwight that he is indeed the father of her baby. 

The mercy killing cover-up

When cat-sitting for Angela, the cat is so sick that Dwight tries to administer a mercy killing with Benadryl. When the deed is done, he puts Sprinkles in the freezer thinking the cat has already passed.

But when Angela discovers claw marks inside the freezer, she realizes Dwight killed her cat.

Tremendously upset, she breaks up with him, only to eventually get back together and marry him. In real life, what Dwight did to Sprinkles would set off alarms for psychologists, law enforcement, and animal rights activists, leading to investigations, fines, and possibly jail time. 

Dwight and Angela’s wedding: Redemption?

In the finale of Season 9 of The Office, it appears that a good old-fashioned wedding will unite true lovers Dwight and Angela, and that despite their deceptive behaviors in the past, they will be redeemed by love.

As Angela prepares for the wedding, she tells Pam that she feels so open and positive nowadays, and that she knows the wedding is just right. The wedding takes place for real, out in the open, with everyone’s blessing. The viewers are left with the sense that this marriage will last.

Unfortunately, in real life, such a trail of deception rarely begets a happy ending, and a real relationship between someone like Dwight and Angela, would most likely end in failure — and a body count.