The One Film Genre Disney+ Will Fail to Conquer

Disney+ is prepping to take the streaming world by storm with a competitive base price and mounds of classic animated tales and original content coming our way. From The Lion King and The Little Mermaid to the eventual premieres of WandaVision and The Mandalorian, Disney+ is one of the most highly-anticipated streaming platforms to date. 

Disney+ ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Since Disney+ will feature Marvel content, classic animated content, National Geographic edutainment, Pixar films, Fox movies, and more, the sheer amount of binging bound to ensue come November 12 cannot be estimated. However, while Disney+ will likely satisfy your desire for drama, your craving for comedy, and your fondness for fantasy, there is one genre destined to be the platform’s Achille’s heel. 

Disney+ comes with a few ground rules, one of which will drastically affect its ability to provide an array of strong horror content. According to TV Guide, R-Rated movies will not be allowed on the platform.

No R-rated content means fewer great horror movies, even though Disney may technically have rights to a few 

Maybe it’s no surprise that Disney+ chose to launch post-Halloween; this way, enthusiasts coming to the platform wouldn’t be looking for a scary story to watch in the dark. Instead, the streaming service will launch right before Thanksgiving and Christmas; this was definitely not an accident. Such a move was clearly executed with a purpose, one aimed at attracting viewers who love happy holiday movies, since Disney has tons of them. 

From A Christmas Carol to One Magic Christmas and The Santa Clause, Disney has holiday content oozing from all corners, except when it comes to Halloween. The platform may feature its fair share of light-hearted Halloween-themed movies, such as Hocus Pocus, but Freddy and Jason-level frights are out of the picture. 

Interestingly enough, Disney owns Miramax; meaning, Disney would theoretically have rights to a few major horror movies. From Halloween to The Perfection, Scream, and The Crow, Disney owns horror movies known to catalyze quite a scare, except they won’t be making their way to the platform anytime soon … unless the rules change.

Disney has some horror content to pull on if it decides to change its ways , and if, legally, everything works smoothly with Miramax. However, Disney is very committed to its family-friendly brand identity; with the title Disney+ hovering over every piece of content the platform releases, it’s unlikely any gory or mature-themed horror films will make their way to the streaming service.

While some PG-13 horror flicks are quite terrifying, several, if not most of the scariest horror movies earn an R-Rating. The Conjuring: rated R. Us: rated R. Halloween: rated R. The Exorcist: rated R. You get the idea. When it comes to horror, PG-13 horror movies rarely accomplish the scare level an r-rating can deliver.  However, A Quiet Place was terrifying. There are always exceptions to the rule…

The streaming platform may have a few scary movies available, and the genre may not be completely amiss, but you should probably stick to Netflix and Amazon when you want a night of horror binging.