The One Major Clue Ed Sheeran is Ready to Have Kids

The British musician, Ed Sheeran, has fans a little bit worried lately. That’s because he has made it very clear that when he becomes a father his music will take a back seat to fatherhood.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Once he becomes a family man it’s likely we will hear a lot less from him musically. But, is Sheeran ready to have kids now? 

Ed Sheeran recently wed his childhood friend

In a quiet, and very private, ceremony Sheeran and his childhood pal, Cheery Seaborn, said their vows just before Christmas. The couple was wed in their home of Suffolk, England with only 40 of their closest friends and family in attendance. (He’s known Seaborn since they were just 11 years old, and although they weren’t dating then she definitely inspired his song “perfect”, which we think is completely adorable.)

Reports indicate that the two were just eager to get started on the rest of their lives. So they wanted to get the wedding out of the way with as little fanfare as possible. They have told friends and fans that they are planning on a bigger wedding celebration later this summer. For this one, they plan to invite their celebrity friends.

Since they’ve tied the knot, they feel more comfortable getting ready to start a family.

Ed Sheeran’s musical career is at an all-time high

He’s been topping the charts and beating records since he burst into the music scene. In his early days, he hit both the number one and number two spots on iTunes without even being promoted by a big name label.

Sheeran began his singing career as a four-year-old just singing in his local church choir. But Sheeran has only been headed up from there. His career really took flight in 2011 when he was signed by Atlantic Records. By 2013, his music was embraced by Taylor Swift and they began co-writing songs together with Sheeran even joining her on tour.  

Recently, he’s been topping the charts in both the U.K. and the U.S. He’s playing to sold-out crowds and earning himself cameo appearances in popular television shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, where he played a Lannister soldier in a 2017 episode

The star’s finances are certainly in order because of his smashing musical success, so there is no reason that they cannot afford to be having children.

He’s been ready for fatherhood for a while

It’s been several years that Sheeran has been saying in interviews that he was ready to be a father yesterday. He’s even been preparing his home for his future child. He’s built a full, working pub on his property. This way when he has sleeping children at home he can still have a place to invite friends over to hang out where they will not disturb the kiddos.

“I wanted to be a dad, like, last year,” Sheeran told Apple music, way back in 2017.  “I’m ready.

How do we know Ed Sheeran might be ready to start a family?

In 2017, Sheeran told People that he thinks it’s part of his life’s purpose to have kids.

“I actually think the meaning of life is to start a family and pass on knowledge to them and be loved and be loving, so that is definitely on the cards,” Sheeran told People.

Although there is no set in stone timeline for the 28-year-old star, he has told reporters that he would like to begin having children before he turns 30. We’d guess it won’t be long before he surprises the public with news of his wife’s first pregnancy.

There’s no news on how many children Sheeran would like to have. Although he’s definitely mentioned he’d like to fill his tour bus with hordes of “chubby babies”.