The 1 Marvel Movie That Fans Wish They Could Just Forget About

Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are among some of the most popular films of our time. For years, fans around the world have enjoyed movies such as Spider Man: Far From Home, Black Panther, Ant-Man and The Wasp, and more. These films have grossed millions of dollars at the box office, and usually, never fail to disappoint.

The movies are typically action-packed, with viewers on the edge of their seats, just waiting to see how the story will unfold. In addition, whenever it is announced that a new film is being released, just about everyone is counting down the days until the big premiere.

However, there is one film that, sadly, just wasn’t nearly as successful as the rest. It is the one Marvel movie that fans wish they could just forget about.

The rise of superhero films

The Hulk seen during MCM London Comic Con 2017.
The Hulk seen during MCM London Comic Con 2017 | Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Ever since the early 2000s, superhero films have been all the rage. Before that, it used to be that many people enjoyed a scary horror film or even a romantic comedy.

So, what changed? According to HS Insider, these movies give fans a sense of hope, conflict, resurrection and more. They portray the world as we would like to see it, allowing us to escape into a fantasy that we only imagined in our wildest dreams.

Superhero movies are so popular, in fact, that Marvel Studios announced the release of 18 films between the years 2017-2020. This is sure to delight fans and have them lining up just waiting to see what the movie has to offer. 

What is the one Marvel movie that fans wish they could just forget about?

With Marvel movies being such as success, we would think that they would all be extremely well-received. However, there is one that just couldn’t compare to the rest.

Which is it? Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk is the film that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of them. The script was re-written, and for some reason, just didn’t sit well with fans who had certain expectations.

In addition, the release of the movie was poorly timed, causing it to be somewhat overlooked. The fact that so many things were changed just didn’t appeal to the public, and as a result, the movie wasn’t the hit that it was originally expected to be. 

There is a new Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Even though the film bombed, people were not pleased with the re-casting of the character. One of the biggest disappointments for The Incredible Hulk fans was that the lead actor was replaced. Fans had come to love Edward Norton in the role, and it seems that Mark Ruffalo just couldn’t compare.

Important storylines, such as Bruce Banner’s romance with Betty Ross were never even mentioned, leaving everyone wondering just what happened. Abomination was left out of the film, and according to Reddit, the acting also left something to be desired. It seems as if so many fans went into the theater expecting to see one thing, are were completely taken aback when this didn’t happen.

Will things get back to normal so that fans can be happy once more?

According to Screen Rant, there is speculation that Liv Tyler will be returning for Marvel’s television series, She-Hulk. Fans would simply be over the moon if this were to happen, given that she is the actress who originally made the character who she is.

The television series will have a focus on long-forgotten characters, bringing back some of the old storylines that fans loved so much. Hopefully, this will give fans exactly what they are looking for, restoring the popularity that The Incredible Hulk once had. It is disappointing to know that the film was not loved by fans as much as other movies were, and we hope that things will soon get back to normal.