The One Odd Thing Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, And Prince William Always Have To Carry When They Travel

There is one thing Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William must always carry when they travel. As the top members of the royal family, the trio is among the most traveled leaders in the entire world. And when emergencies strike, they always keep this odd thing on hand in case they are trapped in a foreign country and need help.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Kate Middleton
Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Kate Middleton | Photo by Stefan Wermuth – WPA Pool/Getty Images

What odd thing do Elizabeth, Charles, and William always carry?

Queen Elizabeth has been at the head of the British monarchy since 1952, making her reign the longest in the country’s history. But because of her position in the royal family — along with Charles and William, the next two in line to the throne — Elizabeth and her heirs must always carry a “bag full of their blood” in the event an emergency strikes.

According to Express, the bag of blood is carried by the royal physician and is used if a medical emergency happens while visiting a foreign country.

This policy is always followed whenever Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, or Prince William visit a country with questionable medical services. The bag is used if they need a quick blood transfusion to save their lives. When it comes to Elizabeth, she always travels with her personal physician, who is on hand to determine if the situation warrants drastic measures.

Along with the bag of blood, the doctor carries a litany of medications and a mobile defibrillator. The royal family also researches nearby hospitals and always has a plan of action in case something goes wrong.

What else do members of the royal family carry with them abroad?

A bag of blood is not the only thing the royal family takes with them on trips outside of the U.K. When they are on official duty, the royals never leave the country without bringing a black set of clothes. This rule was put in place after King George VI passed away in 1952.

At the time, Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in Kenya and did not have appropriate attire to mourn the monarch’s death. Since then, all members of the royal family are required to bring along proper mourning clothes when they travel, just in case.

As far as Queen Elizabeth is concerned, she also packs a camera whenever she travels abroad. The Queen has been spotted taking photos on a number of different occasions, though most of her photography days were when she was younger. She is believed to have used her own camera to snap photos with presidents and heads of state over the years.

It is unclear if Queen Elizabeth still packs a camera whenever she travels, though her trips outside of the country are now infrequent. As a side note, some royals also bring their own booze on trips to ensure their drinks are not tampered with.

Inside the royal family’s travel rules

Apart from personal belongings, members of the royal family are expected to master several rules before they visit another country. This includes learning how to greet individuals in different languages. They also learn all about the country’s culture and proper etiquette, mainly to display respect and not offend the hosting nation.

When they do visit countries, their trips are often short and more business-like in nature than anything else. In fact, their public appearances abroad are usually less than an hour in length, which doesn’t give them much time to soak things in.

One of the most important travel rules in the royal family is that they rarely travel on the same plane. This is especially true if multiple heirs are traveling to the same location. This is to prevent the line from being wiped out in the event of an accident.

That said, there are a few members of the royal family who have broken this rule over the years. This includes Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple, who is second in line to the throne after Charles, have traveled on the same plane with their entire family on numerous occasions.

Queen Elizabeth has to give approval whenever this happens and is clearly more lenient about this rule than in the past.