The One Subtle Hint That Captain Marvel Was Getting a Sequel All Along

What’s the biggest hint that Captain Marvel was going to get a sequel? The fact that it made more than $1 billion worldwide. When a movie makes that much money, a sequel, if one is possible, is all but inevitable. 

However, there were other clues beyond the piles of money that Marvel movies usually make. That clue came about before one second of the movie was shot.

It came when Brie Larson was introduced as Captain Marvel at Comic-Con in 2016. Her casting marked the first time an Oscar-winning actor would lead a Marvel movie. 

Which Marvel actors have Oscars?

Brie Larson
Brie Larson | John Shearer/Getty Images

Marvel has a lot of Oscar nominees and winners among their actors, but before Larson, none of their leads had won an Oscar. Robert Downey Jr? Nominated twice, but hasn’t won. Edward Norton? Nominated twice before The Incredible Hulk, and once after. Still hasn’t won yet. Benedict Cumberbatch? Nominated for The Imitation Game. No Oscar.  

A good number of supporting players have won Oscars, however, and the first of those to appear in a Marvel film was Gwyneth Paltrow, who has appeared as Pepper Potts several times. She won Best Actress in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love. 

Other winners include Cate Blanchett, Jeff Bridges, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas, Anthony Hopkins, William Hurt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong’o, Natalie Portman, Robert Redford, Sam Rockwell, Tilda Swinton, Marisa Tomei, and Forest Whitaker. 

Marvel isn’t likely to add any Oscar winners to their stable next year — for their own movies, anyway. Downey Jr. has been promoted as a possibility for memorably closing out the role of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, but he’s considered a long shot at best.

However, Scarlett Johansson, who rather incredibly hasn’t been nominated for an Oscar yet, is considered a favorite to be nominated for the acclaimed movie Marriage Story

How many Marvel movies did Brie Larson sign up for?

Fans will often try to turn to Marvel contracts for clues about when sequels will come out or if/when certain actors will appear again. Unfortunately, this information tends to be unreliable because Disney/Marvel never officially releases those details, and most of the numbers out there are based on guesswork, educated and otherwise.  

According in Inverse, it was reported that Larson had signed a $5 million deal for Captain Marvel and agreed to appear in seven films, but Larson herself disputed those terms on Twitter, though it wasn’t clear if she meant that the dollar amount was wrong or the number of films wrong. In any case, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s more than the two she has appeared in so far, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame

It’s possible that Captain Marvel could make at least one more appearance before her sequel comes out, and it’s possible that it could be Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings, scheduled to come out in February 2021. That’s because the movie is being directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, who directed Larson in Short Term 12, The Glass Castle, and in the drama Just Mercy, due for wide release in January.

When will ‘Captain Marvel 2’ come out?

As for the Captain Marvel sequel itself, some fans were surprised not to see in Phase 4, which also includes Black Widow, The Eternals, Doctor Strange in  the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder. Disney has three specific release dates blocked off in 2022 for Marvel Studios releases. There’s February 18, May 6, and July 29. Black Panther 2 took the May 6, slot, so Captain Marvel 2 will probably land in July or later. 

When it does come out, the question that will hopefully be answered is, what in the world were the Skrulls doing in Spider-Man: Far From Home? Arguably the biggest surprise of that movie was the sequence at the very end of the credits when we learned that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were actually Talos and Soren, the shape-shifters we met in Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, the real Fury was off in space somewhere. What in the world?

Now we only have to wait maybe three years for that answer.