The One Sweet Detail Jennifer Lopez Has Figured Out About Her Wedding

Jennifer Lopez has an extremely busy schedule these days. Between the promotional campaign for her brand-new film Hustlers and her business ventures, not to mention parenting her twins with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, Lopez barely gets a moment to herself.

Still, she has one other major event on the horizon, and that is her wedding to Alex Rodriguez. While neither of them has announced an exact date, fans have been talking about their impending wedding ever since they got engaged. Recently, Lopez leaked one detail about her wedding that has all of her fans going “aww” at the undeniable cute factor.

When did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez get engaged?

Jennifer Lopez at the Guess spring 2018 campaign reveal.
Jennifer Lopez | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Guess, Inc.

It was the news that delighted fans the world over: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez got engaged in March 2018. It also kickstarted a flurry of speculation about what type of wedding the pair would end up having. After all, Lopez and Rodriguez have both been married before and they both have children, so they are both presumably at the point in their lives where they know exactly what they want. 

Still, for fans who expected Lopez and Rodriguez to immediately start preparing for their big day, disappointment was just around the corner. Lopez has been busier than ever with her career and she isn’t anywhere close to slowing down. Following a highly-anticipated tour of the United States in honor of her milestone birthday, Lopez immediately turned her attention to other projects, only recently taking the time to share a few wedding details with eager fans and supporters. 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez haven’t been prioritizing wedding planning

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It is clear that neither Lopez nor Rodriguez is in a huge hurry to tie the knot, in spite of their obvious love for each other. In a recent interview, Lopez stated that the two are taking their time and “doing it right” in terms of wedding planning. While Rodriguez stated earlier in the summer that he would like to have a fall wedding, it seems unlikely to happen this year. Though, many fans suspect he might have just said that to throw people off the scent of any real wedding plans that they might have in place. 

On September 12th, Lopez appeared on the popular morning show The View and said that they have “no definite plans” as far as their wedding but did reveal that it will happen “soon.” Whether “soon” means some time within the next six months or two years down the road remains to be seen. But in a separate interview, Lopez did reveal one adorable detail that she definitely has finalized for her big day.

Jennifer Lopez knows who will walk her down the aisle

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In late September, while at a screening for Hustlers, Lopez talked briefly about her impending wedding and said that her young son Max will be the one to walk her down the aisle “of course.” For fans, it’s no big surprise that her kids and Rodriguez’s kids will be heavily involved in the wedding, considering how close the blended family has become. But the fact that Max will be walking her down the aisle to hand her off to her new husband is a sweet detail that seems truly worthy of one of entertainment’s favorite couples.