The One Thing Fans Love Most About John Legend on ‘The Voice’

John Legend — joining The Voice in 2016 — managed to seize a win right out of the gate with Maelyn Jarmon. The Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, BET and Grammy Award-winner brings an impressive degree of coaching competence to The Voice, accompanying his captivating vocal talents.

John Legend The Voice
John Legend ‘The Voice’ | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

John Legend continues to display a knack for selecting the talent he can best guide; however, with experience writing and singing across contemporary R&B, pop, and soul, he’s the best bet for a wide range of vocalists.

While John Legend’s talents are undeniable, there is another reason that fans of The Voice are drawn to him, as he possesses a certain quality that separates him from the others. Legend brings a unique energy to the voice and works to balance out the high-octane performance antics akin to Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.

Fans love John Legend’s calm, cool, and collected approach to ‘The Voice’

While Kelly Clarkson mostly functions as a new Adam Levine — entering the boxing ring with Blake Shelton to engage in quippy banter and back-talk— John Legend is a calm, dark horse … and fans appreciate it.

All you have to do is read through a few discussion forums on the matter to understand why Legend is a new fan-favorite among viewers. When discussing John Legend’s role in the lineup, one fan stated:

…He consistently is the one who is focused on the artist, and not so much on the judges back and forth, and I love him for it. I also feel like his pitches are more tailored and thoughtful, and I often find him to be the only one saying anything of value. The other person who occasionally gives interesting feedback/commentary, is funny enough, Blake.

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Rather than focusing on the dynamic he has with the other coaches — and adding to the playful competitive nature of the show — Legend remains focused on the contestants, choosing wisely, and guiding them with care.

This isn’t to say that the other coaches don’t do the same; rather, fans have simply noticed that Legend’s primary focus seems to be in line with the show’s ultimate goals. He has fun with the other coaches, but he comes off as a bit more level-headed and straight-shooting than the others. 

One fan, concurring with the above statement, stated: 

Yes! He provides that much needed balance, a calm presence in the midst of all the yellers, lol. Alicia filled that role very well as well.

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The Voice always has its fair share of those who speak loudly to get what they want; however, from Alicia Keys to John Legend, there’s always one who speaks softly and gets the job done. At this moment in time, John Legend is filling that role. Will Nick Jonas enter and join the banter battle, or will he bow out of the boxing ring in favor of a silent killer approach? All remains to be seen.