The One Thing Keanu Reeves Kept from ‘The Matrix’

Before The Matrix, which recently returned to theaters, Keanu Reeves appeared in Speed, Point Break, My Own Private Idaho, Dracula, A Walk in the Clouds, and the list goes on. Despite having made a name for himself previous to his turn in 1999’s The Matrix, Reeves will always be tied to Neo — the character he is set to reprise for Matrix 4. Brooding, serious, and boasting fists of fury, fans cannot wait to see Neo, new and improved, over a decade later.

The Matrix actor Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Keanu Reeves has graced the screen for Shakespeare, as well as various rom-coms and dramedies alike; however, it appears that fans love him best as an action hero, especially when you consider the resurgence in fame he has faced since becoming John Wick. While Reeves will leave Wick to return to Neo, many wonder if he will reuse one of the sacred items he kept from the first time around.

During an Ask Me Anything on Reddit with Reeves, one fan asked what the actor kept from the various movies he has filmed. He managed to snag one of the most iconic items from his run as Neo.

Keanu Reeves kept the coat from The Matrix 

During his AMA for Reddit, one fan asked, “Do you keep any props or stuff like that from your movies? Like the jacket and sunglasses from The Matrix, or the surf board from Point Break?” Keanu Reeves replied:

I have kept a couple of things. I don’t have the surfboard, but I think I have a coat from the first Matrix. I have the sword from Hamlet, I kept a lot of working scripts, I have the jersey from The Replacements, I’ve got Constantine’s lighter and watch, I have Bill & Ted’s shorts (Ted’s shorts), I used to have the leather jacket from My Own Private Idaho but I gave that to a friend. And I think that’s it. 

Keanu Reeves Reddit

According to Keanu Reeves, he believes he still has the coat from The Matrix – likely sitting in the back of his closet somewhere; imagine what such an item would sell for on eBay. If Keanu Reeves still has the coat, those behind the screenplay should work in a scene that includes Neo grabbing the old jacket, as a nod to fans spanning the globe. Over 15 years later for us, and over 15 years later for Neo; you get the idea — screen-to-audience bonding.

What do we know about  ‘Matrix 4’ so far? 

Lana Wachowski is set to resume Neo’s story with a fourth installment in The Matrix saga. Both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss, the actress behind Trinity, will be returning to the trippy world as their original characters.

According to Inverse, Wachowski worked with Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell on the script. Hemon wrote The Lazarus Project, The Book of My Lives, Nowhere Man, and more. Mitchell is an English novelist and screenwriter, and he is most famous for his work on Cloud Atlas and number9dream. 

Matrix 4 — a title still pending — will begin production in early 2020, yet little is known about the narrative at this point; however, rumor has it that Laurence Fishburne will not return, and a younger actor will play Morpheus. As 2020 gets closer, we will discover the rest of the cast, and the plot, which has raised curiosities, considering both stars died at the end of the franchise in the early 2000s.