The One Thing That Stopped Tiffany Haddish From Joining Scientology

In her book, The Last Black Unicorn, Tiffany Haddish writes about how she almost joined Scientology. Had she gone through with it, she would now be one of the religion’s top celebrity members, who currently include Tom Cruise and John Travolta. It was a close call for Haddish and it was all over one specific issue.

Comedic superstar Tiffany Haddish hosts and executive produces a new iteration of the classic variety show “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Haddish spoke with the Television Critics Association today about her ABC series Kids Say the Darndest Things. We’ll have more on Kids Say the Darndest Things when the show premieres October 6, but Haddish shared her story about almost joining Scientology below.

The sleeping arrangements were Tiffany Haddish’s dealbreaker

Haddish had signed a billion-year contract and was ready to move in until she saw the bedrooms.

Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany Haddish and Joseph on Kids Say the Darndest Things | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

“They took me where we sleep at, the barracks they called it, and it was bunk beds and I don’t do bunk beds,” Haddish said. “So I threw a fit and then they tore my contract up and put me out because no matter how many times they put me on that meter, I was still mad about the bunk beds. I’m like I don’t do bunk beds. It’s just not my thing. If you want to see me lose my temper, tell me I got to sleep in a bunk bed and I’mma cut up.

Why Tiffany Haddish was ready to join Scientology

Haddish was a struggling actor and had no place to live. She didn’t have any feelings pro or con about the tenets of Scientology, but they were going to give her a home.

Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany Haddish on Kids Say the Darndest Things | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

“The contract was like a billion year contract or something like that which I thought was crazy but I was like oh, whatever, I need a place to stay,” Haddish said. “I was homeless as hell and I needed a roof over my head.”

What Tiffany Haddish was supposed to do for Scientology

When Haddish was recruited for Scientology, they had a plan for the outreach she could have done. 

Kids Say the Darndest Things
Now Tiffany Haddish reaches out to kids like Hannah and George on Kids Say the Darndest Things | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

“I was at Central Casting trying to get on their roster to do some extra work,” Haddish said. “A person approached me and I took a few courses and then they found out I was homeless and they were like, ‘You know, if you stay here, we’ll pay you $50 a month and you’ll have a roof over your head. You can help us in the Inglewood and South Central area.’ I guess they didn’t have any people like me in their organization. I said okay. I signed the contract.”

Tiffany Haddish commiserated with other celebrity friends

Haddish starred in Girls Trip with Jada Pinkett Smith. Smith was also linked to Scientology. They shared their experiences, but Haddish drew the line on sharing their discussion. 

“Yes, we did and that’s none of your business,” Haddish said.