The One Way Kate Middleton is Constantly Overshadowed by Princess Diana’s Memory

Princess Diana was an extremely famous member of the royal family when she was still alive. The media constantly followed her every move, and she even became the most photographed person in the world.

These days, Kate Middleton is one of the most popular royal women. She joined the royal family in 2011 and has since won over people everywhere.

However, for all that Middleton does, there are actually still times when it seems as if Princess Diana’s memory will never go away and is constantly overshadowing the Duchess of Cambridge’s efforts.

Kate Middleton has been known to pay tribute to Princess Diana

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Middleton seems to be aware of Princess Diana’s legacy, and as such, the Duchess of Cambridge often pays tribute to her late mother-in-law whenever possible.

For example, Duchess Kate gave her daughter, Princess Charlotte, the middle name “Diana.” She also chose to hold her children’s christenings at various churches that had ties to Princess Diana, such as the Royal Chapel at St. James Palace (where Diana’s body was placed before her funeral) as well as St. Mary Magdalene Church (where Diana had her christening when she was young).

Middleton has also worn some of the same jewelry pieces and tiaras that Princess Diana wore. Her outfits occasionally are chosen to remind the public of Princess Diana as well, such as the dresses that the Duchess of Cambridge wore after giving birth to her kids.

Kate Middleton’s outfits constantly get compared to Princess Diana’s

While Middleton does have moments where she wants her outfits to be similar to Princess Diana’s, some royal watchers end up trying to link many of Duchess Kate’s clothes to what Princess Diana wore in the past even if the similarities are small.

For instance, if Middleton chose to don a dress that has a bit of the same pattern or color as something Princess Diana once wore, it automatically gets called a tribute. In more negative circumstances, Duchess Kate would be accused of copying Princess Diana and not having any originality of her own.

Kate Middleton does have her own style

Not everything that Middleton wears is a shout-out to Princess Diana because Middleton does have her own fashion sense. Her style can be described as simple and regal, which is not surprising considering the fact that she is a future queen.

Fashion stylist Melita Latham observed that Middleton loves pastel colors, and she especially likes to wear them during the summer. These days, the duchess also seems to like wide-legged pants, puff sleeves, and wrap dresses.

Latham noted that Middleton’s style is actually “still a royal transformation in progress,” but she definitely has a conservative way of dressing that has become popular with women all around the world.

Kate Middleton gets compared to Meghan Markle as well

It is not just Princess Diana who Middleton constantly gets compared to. She and her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, get pitted against one another very often by royal fans.

Middleton and Markle have shown time and time again that they are two very different women who have different goals in life. However, that has never stopped the comparisons from being thrown their way. From their work ethics to the way that they are raising their children, people have many things to say about which woman is doing “better” in life.

Of course, their fashion choices are analyzed and compared as well. Middleton and Markle actually have different body types and very distinctive styles, but there are still constant debates about who dresses better.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like these comparisons will ever go away for Middleton, Markle, and Princess Diana. They all married into the same royal family, which means that many things that they do will automatically remind people of each other. At the end of the day, it is simply important for royal fans to remember that each woman is her own individual person and capable of making choices for herself.