The Only Time Tom Schwartz Splurges Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Even the cast members of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules like to save money whenever possible. Although, it’s not always where the rest of us would cut back.

A recent video from Bravo Insider’s YouTube channel showed in what areas different stars preferred to splurge or save money. Tom Schwartz, the husband to Katie Maloney-Schwartz, seems to prefer to save money more often than not.

But, there were a few categories that he discussed he likes to spend a little more than usual.

What does Tom Schwartz save money on?

Tom Schwartz
Tom Schwartz | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The video shows stars from different Bravo reality TV shows and asks whether each star usually saves money on different things or if they prefer to splurge on something higher-end. For Tom Schwartz, he admitted that he’s low-maintenance when it comes to flying and he’s “perfectly happy” in coach — as long as he’s not stuck in a middle seat.

Another area where he spends low is when shopping for home decor, preferring to keep things frugal and spend his money elsewhere.

When it comes to clothing, Schwartz claims that he used to spend upwards of $200 on a pair of jeans, but he’s since changed his tune. Now, he says that seems ridiculous and he doesn’t plan to spend that much on jeans ever again. “Nothing over $75,” he says.

Many of the other stars in the video said that they prefer to pay more for higher-quality jeans, so he was in the minority in this category.

What does Tom Schwartz splurge on?

While the Vanderpump star seems to enjoy being frugal on most things, there were a handful of areas in which he prefers to splurge. The first was on his pets.

Schwartz says his furry friends live a “first-class life.” He says that he makes them “gourmet dinners,” where he adds things like salmon, chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, and even macaroni and cheese to their regular dog food, mixing them up himself to keep their meals balanced and keeping them happy.

Perhaps surprisingly, another area Schwartz says he likes to spend a little more on is his nails. Saying he loves a good manicure and a good pedicure, Schwartz says he always splurges on his nailcare.

He also says that while he used to be frugal with his luggage, he now tends to spend a little more for something higher-quality. In his opinion, it’s all about the wheels, and you usually need to spend a little extra to get luggage with high-quality wheels.

His funniest splurge, however, came when he was asked about how much he usually spend on his groceries, of all things! “High when I’m high, but traditionally low,” he said with a smirk.

It’s no wonder why he’s a show-favorite with honesty like that. It’s perhaps because of saving habits like this that have helped get Schwartz’s estimated net worth up to approximately $2 million.

Where does Tom Schwartz differ from his wife, Katie Maloney-Schwartz?

Schwartz did drop a few facts about his wife in the video, saying that they’ve had their differences in spending habits on certain things.

One area in which they differ is in how much they spend on air travel. While he likes to save money when flying, he says that his wife tends to splurge and seat them in first-class more often than not.

Another area they differed in was in shopping for their home decor. Schwartz said that he usually doesn’t like to spend too much on home decor, but that Maloney-Schwartz prefers to splurge on her favorite pieces for their home.